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Peyton Spot (1957)

Yet another great Lana Turner film about redemption and really like. The quote at the end of this film blew me away and will stay with me forever.

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25 Responses to “Peyton Spot (1957)”

  1. matty1965able says:

    This is a great movie.

  2. curtisjones400 says:

    the color is very sharp for a old movie

  3. meego12345 says:

    When she first hugs Allison her purse is in her right hand. Then when the camera cuts to the closeup it’s in her left hand. Oops.

  4. LinZeeLinuz says:

    @Muirmaiden i just saw it last week…a good one from another time…

  5. Muirmaiden says:

    I don’t know if Lana Turner ever went to the Camden, Maine location. All of these location shots with Constance appear to be a stand-in – where you see it’s her, it was obviously shot in the studio and/or in front of a bluescreen. I think it was edited to make it appear that Turner was there on location.

  6. Muirmaiden says:

    I will always love this movie.

  7. ftsjr says:

    I always liked this movie. It was made the year I was born. Lana Turner was still HOT!!

  8. MsFrancine2 says:

    its probably because you have not seen RETURN TO PEYTON PLACE

  9. mtoscani says:

    Confused, see the movie. The ending doesn’t say much about the plot of the film. It’s just a beautiful quote that sums up the theme. This will hopefully motivate you to see a great film and to clean up your mouth in a public forum.

  10. ConfusedSponge says:

    Fuck! Next time, give a spoiler warning or something because now I have watched the ending to one of the film that I really wanna see for a long time. You ruin everything!

  11. 49bobbyk says:

    Great movie. Soapy but excellent cast and acting.

  12. bigphilc says:

    I remember watching this film for the first time on AMC and finding it fun and engaging in a melodramatic way, and then the end came, and this last poetic quotation blew me away!

  13. Ulitawo says:

    I saw this movie as a little boy in the late 50s. I never understood much of the plot then but I loved it anyway, especially the scenes and the music.

    A few years ago, when it became available, I was finally able to purchase and own both the movie and the soundtrack.

    I never get tired of watching the movie and listening to the soundtrack. It always takes me back in time… to all the beautiful memories.

  14. starskhutchgel says:

    What a wonderful movie *****

  15. Wobdifurousness says:

    I especially liked Lana Turner’s high class acting performance. The end scene is very emotionally potent because it’s a scene of redemption, forgiveness and renewal. The trian whistle at the start is what Constance thinks is her daughter leaving town, heart still closed to her mother. The tiny little uplift of Lana Turner’s eyes when she embraces Diane Varsi is superb: Constance is remembering to thank God because her daugher’s homecoming means that, symbolically, God has forgiven her as well.

  16. dbzsayinchick32 says:

    God this movie is one of the best. I watched this with my grandma all the time before she passed away.

  17. progressiverebel says:

    The last words are poetry. “We finally discovered that season of love. It is only found in someone else heart. Right now someone you know is looking everywhere for it, and its in you.” The last scene connects with me, I was 8 when this was filmed and with the beautiful music swelling, two kids riding their bikes, like me, on a beautiful Maine day… Its a moment stopped in time. Sadly most all the principles are dead, we each have our own roads in life, journeys to make. So many memories.


    She past away years ago

  19. Bombeni says:

    @TELEVISIONARCHIVES Is there any way I can get your grandma’s autograph? How much would it cost?


    My grandmother is an extra in this movie. Filmed in Camden , Rockland and Rockport Maine. She’s the one holding the baby in the Court Room

  21. krelllabs says:

    The sidelong shot of the hug shows a stand-in for Lana Turner, who was unavailable. Russ Tamblyn mentions this in the DVD.

  22. smokelean says:

    if they include everything in the book it would still be acceptable by todays standards. the most controversy in the 1957 film was the rape of selena and her abortion. the movie cleaned up the more salient parts of the book.

  23. norb1937 says:

    In Grace Metaliouses book Norman’s mom used to give him frequent enemas. I wonder if they made a remake of this like they do with everything. If so they would have to xxx rate it.

  24. smokelean says:

    i luv this film it is a favorite of mine

  25. DIVASatYTLanaTurner says:

    beautiful film!

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