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Peyton Place – Mia Farrow & Ryan O’ Neal

The granddaddy of primetime soaps, “Peyton Place” was broadcast on the ABC television network from 1964-1969 for a total of 514 episodes. Here are the first season opening and closing credits plus a couple of brief scenes with a Extremely young Mia Farrow, Ryan O’Neal and Barbara Parkins. The show is finally being released on DVD for all to get pleasure from.
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Peyton Place – Mia Farrow & Ryan O’ Neal”

  1. 4MaryAnna says:

    3:00 Ryan asks:You know the first thing I did this morning? She should have said: “What,looked in the mirror and threw kisses to yourself?”

    He’s so vain..he always thinks the songs are about him. lol

  2. 4MaryAnna says:

    3:02 Ryan asks:”You know what I did first this this morning when I woke up?”She shoulda said: “Looked in the mirror and threw kisses to yourself”

    YUCK….can’t stand that man! He’s so vain…he always thinks the song is about him

  3. snoops71 says:

    @prueisgr8 Not to mention Dallas and Dynasty.

  4. Finlandia999 says:

    @loafersguy Naughty boy and girl , it shouldn’t have been allowed !!!

  5. adnawWW says:

    I remember watching this when I was around 12 and was not supposed to as it was on late at night I liked it, mild to some today not that they are to over the top,some anyway

  6. MrFredo511 says:

    I like the movie.

  7. trapperjohngirl says:

    i like Mia Farrow and Ryan Oneil in peyton Place !!they were great its a shame there are no more shows like this out there !! i really liked it and hope that it will be on dvd in the future

  8. trapperjohngirl says:

    i like Mia Farrow and Ryan Oneil in peyton Place !!they were great its a shame there are no more shows like this out there !!

  9. prueisgr8 says:

    Peyton Place inspired Knots Landing in the 80s which in turn inspired Desperate Housewives & One Tree Hill in the 00s

  10. sexymama1966 says:

    that ryan was handsome back in the day…mmmmmm:)

  11. BearyHairy says:

    Peyton Place (Gilmanton, New Hampshire). GraceMetalious ripped the lid off of the stench-filled community; & they despised her for it. Instead of appreciating the fact that she let some fresh air into the staid, puritanical caldron; the reaction was torrid shunning. How anal can one town be? I’ve interviewed folks there, (who referred to Grace as “Gracie” in an affectionate tone); who quietly seemed happy she wrote what she did.She is buried in Gilmanton Iron Works, Smith Meeting House Cemetery

  12. RJRanke says:

    I was nine in 1964,but didn’t start seeing Peyton Place until 1966. I was eleven then and was initially infatuated with Allison.:-)
    Peyton Place aired nothing but new episodes even during the summer months-and in it’s second season was on three times a week.I was caught up in so many of the storlyines-as were my brother, my mother and both my grandmothers.(Chuckle!)
    I gave up seeing Peyton Place at about the time Dorothy Malone and Tim O’Conner left.

  13. marinello6 says:

    Great Acting…….I don’t know why I let this pass me by, maybe because I was only 9 when the series started and 14 when it ended. I do remember it in the backround while I was doing other things.

  14. ingravegreen says:

    Ah such wonderful memories of this back in the 1960′s. My late mother liked this series, I had such a crush on Mia Farrow and I was only 8 or 9 in 1964. I was always stunned by Franz Waxman’s composition, those titles, the acting was so real then, as now. Special for me was the closing titles, as


    would appear sometimes before or after the 20th Century Fox animation in glorious black and white and would now like to buy the DVD’s.

  15. TheLadyjazzy1 says:

    I rented the first season on netflix. wish they had more available. i was about 12yrs old when peyton place first aired. love the theme song too!!

  16. marmas58ink says:

    5:03 (Betty) “Welcome to our Puritan village.” I guess between a pillory & a ’64 T-Bird …(it’s like night & day). Speaking of which at 1:23 it’s behind Allison. 10secs later it’s gone! 2:05 it’s there again. 2:20 she walks toward it!

    The people at + 0:30 they walk into *a picture*. (2nd scene of the abc series, but) those buildings are NOT a part of what became the main square of the nighttime soap.

  17. marmas58ink says:

    In the original movie (& prob. the novel) Betty was a tramp. And treated as such, (a rather minor character). By ’64 guess mores were achangin’. Thus the part about the pillory, (“But like every girl in today’s PP..knowing it didn’t stop her from giving her love.” Pretty bold for 1964.). Reminds you of NE Salem witch trials & The Scarlet Letter.
    Imagine Betty in the backseat of a shiny new T-bird, there’s something to be said about the pre-free love 1960s!

  18. nancyfloressantos says:


  19. rocklobster1989 says:

    i wish i could get this in the UK. looks incredibly ahead of its time.

  20. ralphvds says:

    “Was I?”
    “Yes you were.”


  21. ChrisMagoo99 says:

    Mia Farrow is adorable

  22. ilovemartinmilner says:

    Wow! I can’t believe they had story lines like this way back then!

  23. Duke535 says:

    I thought that like all actors in Woody Allen movies, she took on his stutter – but here she is stuttering long before she…she…she…met him!

  24. curtisjones400 says:


  25. rayssonation says:

    The Black and White Episodes aired from 1964 until 1966. The episodes of Peyton Place in color aired from 1966 until 1969. A total of 514 episodes were produced for ABC-TV and 20th Century Fox Television.

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