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Peyton Place episode 462 part 1

The original primetime soap opera. Original airing: September 18, 1968. Starring in this episode: Ed Nelson (Michael Rossi), Ryan O’Neal (Rodney Harrington), Barbara Parkins (Betty Anderson), Christopher Connelly (Norman Harrington), Patricia Morrow (Rita Harrington), James Douglas (Steven Cord), Tippy Walker (Carolyn Russell), Robert Hogan (Rev. Tom Winter), Michael Christian (Joe Rossi), Sharon Hugueny (Donna Franklin), Barbara Rush (Marsha Russell) and Joe Maross (Fred Russell). Story (from IMDb): Mike makes clear to Tom that Jill lost her baby because of him. Shortly after, Tom announces his plans on divorcing Susan. Meanwhile, Norman fears that Betty will turn to Steven for comfort again. Carolyn finds out that her father is dating a young woman, Donna. URL: I DO NOT OWN THIS MATERIAL. This episode is currently unavailable on DVD. As soon as it becomes available for purchase, I will remove the episode.

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4 Responses to “Peyton Place episode 462 part 1”

  1. jvarela965 says:

    Barbara Parkins was so beautiful. This soap began to lose viewers in 1966 when Mia Farrow jumped ship.

  2. helmuthoorn says:

    Stephen Cord finds out that his real mother is Catherine Peyton.
    Jill Smith is a mother and a still a miss.

  3. JubalCalif says:

    Heavens to Allison MacKenzie! THANKS for posting this! I dont’ recall ever seeing this show as a kid in the 60′s but do know it was a huge hit in it’s time. The first “prime time” soap I believe. I’m a huge fan of actress Elizabeth “Tippy” Walker. She was a cast member on this show for a short time during its last season. She’s probably best known for her film debut in the charming ’64 movie comedy “The World of Henry Orient”. A lovely & gifted performer.

  4. RJRanke says:

    This was one of the first episodes…of the last season.

    I remember the last episode in June,1969.I saw the show just for the heck of it-and they left about eight or nine issues unresolved.:-)

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