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Petticoat Junction 11-26-63 part 1

Petticoat Junction Bedloe strikes again part one.
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25 Responses to “Petticoat Junction 11-26-63 part 1”

  1. 20alphabet says:

    I can’t seem to find Gleem toothpaste anywhere! It’s been awhile since I’ve brushed and I only use Gleem toothpaste. Lousy Democrats!

  2. cubantoro says:

    I Love Bea Benaderet… she was on the George Burns & Gracie Allen TV show as their next door neighbor. She also did the voice of Betty Rubble. God Bless her!

  3. cubantoro says:

    I Love Bea Benaderet… she wason the George Burns & Gracie Allen TV show as their next door neighbor. She also did the voice of Betty Rubble. God Bless her!

  4. watermananne says:

    I was 7years old and living in Trinidad West Indes, all the grown ups were crying,i did not understand, 5 years later living in England when MLK and RFK, were killed then i was able to understand…

  5. nanlisa says:

    Snoops71: Like I said, I was just simply too young to even remember that day. I don’t have any memory of that day; even though I was only 6 then. When you’re that young, you can’t remember that much. But I was old enough to remember when Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy was killed. (I was only 10 then.)

  6. snoops71 says:

    @nanlisa I wonder what it was like, starting back watching the TV shows again after such of a horrible tragedy.

    My Mom was 15, and she told me about that day again and again. Maybe it is best you don’t remember something so terrible.

  7. ablack1000 says:

    Charlie the engineer was played by singing cowboy Gene Autry’s old sidekick Smiley Burnette…..he had quite a career of his own in the 40s and 50′s….he died around 1966 at age 56

  8. nanlisa says:

    How about that! This episode aired four days after President Kennedy was killed. Unfortunately, I was only six then, in the first grade, and I was just simply too young to remember that day.

  9. Andrea90723 says:

    Where’s my Indian?! >:(

  10. phantasm091 says:

    I always wanted the actor who was the guest there to play Scrooge in the story ‘A Christmas Carol” He would,ve been perfect for the part but i dont beleived he ever portrayed Scrooge on film.

  11. snowden67 says:

    @tatsanddonna – No, the store owner on Andy Griffith was a different guy. But, Mr. Bedloe (CHarles Lane) did appear later on “Soap” as the judge at Jessica Tate’s murder trial, and he was several episodes of “The Lucy Show”. One of Charles Lane’s best lines was after Jessica delivers a sincere heartfelt appeal for the real killer of Peter Campbell to confess Lane says, “Well since I don’t see a big rush of people racing down here, I think it’s time to pass sentence.”

  12. buckeyeschmave says:

    @krumlee Wonder what the mood of the nation was on that Tuesday night, two days before Thanksgiving. What an odd time, coming off that horrible weekend and trying to get back to normal. And no one knew what the rest of the decade would bring … sadly, a different world than 1963 for sure.

  13. NewportBagel says:

    I wonder if Floyed was really a fireman, I know that Charlie was a real engineer, but I notice in the films that Sierra #3 is spouting black smoke, the steam must not be set correctly.

  14. Noveltooner says:

    It’s sad that the first three seasons of “Petticoat Junction” have never seen the light of day since their original runs 44-47 years ago. They committed the mortal sin of being filmed in back-and-white and the networks and syndicators felt the public would have no interest in them. That’s why the first and best season of “The Wild Wild West” remained buried (except a few episodes) until its DVD release. The ABC run of “My Three Sons” never re-ran until the early days of “TV Land”.

  15. monkeeman1966 says:

    @platinum395 Hi there. It’s not old school, it’s good school. What’s on now is bad school. Good family TV before radio and TV went down the toilet in corrupting society more than the streets do. Granted, there is nothing else they could write about for TV. That’s why reality TV is so big nowadays. Cheap, easy to make and what else can they make TV shows about. Just wait to see how bad it is in another 10 years. lol

  16. squeapler says:

    heh, well, I didn’t see this one when it was first on because I was a month old…that house looks like my grandmas did when I got old enough to remember though

  17. thevin69 says:

    i felt for the time this was a verry sexy show i always felt the girls in the water toer were sexy

  18. ripcord1022 says:

    Uncle Joe moving kind of slow.

  19. adamdicy says:

    @tatsanddonna Yup that’s the guy and Charles Lane was his name, I can’t believe this guy lived to be over 100 years old.

  20. tatsanddonna says:

    if i not mistaken the guy whos playing homer bedloe also played a cranky old store owner on the andy griffith show who got his spin off from the danny thomas show

  21. jaschaheifetz says:

    @3dartistguy I thought I replied by saying , I agree with you about that date representing a distinction between innocence and all of what followed…

    Don’t know why it didn’t show up.

  22. 3dartistguy says:


  23. 3dartistguy says:

    it died on 11-22-63!

  24. jimkelly49 says:

    this and green acres came on at 8pm

  25. pepjrp says:

    I didn’t know that had all these different girls playing the daughters. I only recognize Betty Jo… and I’m old. Ha.

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