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25 Responses to “PETTICOAT JUNCTION”

  1. nutsaboutclara says:

    @garywayne1966 Me too! =D I just got MeTV on KDOC-TV Ch. 56 here in the L.A. area(the station broadcasts from Anaheim, California, the world-famous home of Disneyland), where they are broadcasting the last two years of the show, with Meredith McCrae. I used to watch Petticoat Junction in the early 1970s as a toddler on KCOP-TV Ch. 13, Los Angeles, the home of long time announcer Charlie O’Donnell who later announced Wheel Of Fortune for many years. Great stuff, huh? =)

  2. imthedorf1964 says:

    Who sang the theme song?

  3. garywayne1966 says:

    @nutsaboutclara Yes they did. In fact, I have both of the first two seasons of that show and have Pat Woodell and Linda Henning talking about the episodes. They still look hot too. I’d nail them.

  4. nutsaboutclara says:

    @garywayne1966 Did the girls make you horny? Because I know it made Howard Stern get a lump in his pants! XD

  5. rpm371 says:

    Always wanted to take a dip in that watertower…

  6. mullethunter711 says:

    That background beat is catchy. One of the best theme songs out there.

  7. clintonearlwalker says:

    @montyite If you pause the vid at :19 a “water chute” is visible on the right hand side of the tank. It’s a pipe like thing with a hole in the end. There was a rope attached to it, and the engineer would pull the rope and the pipe would swing down with the hole right over the top of the hole in the top of the engine boiler allowing water to flow in. I’m sure people drank water out of those tanks, I’m equally sure people did other things in those tanks as well.

  8. montyite says:


    Thanks – didn’t know that. Now it makes sense. I thought it was a tank for drinking water for the guests on the train!

  9. clintonearlwalker says:

    @montyite That’s prolly where they went to take a bath or swim on a hot day. Those tanks were very common along railroad tracks to refill the steam engines that needed water to make steam. I remember an old decrepit one around here. People swimming in them was kind of common.

  10. kbirdusa says:

    @paktype Nah – that water tower wasn’t a drinking supply. It was used to refill the steam engine on the train.

  11. choosing2lookeast says:

    @ChowHallCommando He hasn’t moved in over 30 years. Edgar Buchanon the actor who played Uncle Joe died back in 1979

  12. skinsman3 says:

    Call me crazy but I thought that Aunt Kate was hot..

  13. RFKFANTS67 says:

    Ecoli in the town water supply

  14. cobrachoppergirl says:

    Ah, those were the good old days, when we could take a massive dump on a roll of film, and anyone would buy it!!!

  15. paktype says:

    Ugh – Kate was using water that the girls bathed in? On the other hand, there are many people around today who wouldn’t mind drinking bathwater used by hot girls.

  16. montyite says:

    I always got a kick at the girls in the water tower. What’s up with that?

  17. bduhe219 says:

    @ChowHallCommando i bet v-e-r-r-y slow by now!! lol

  18. ChowHallCommando says:

    Good old Uncle Joe. I wonder if he’s still movin kinda slow???

  19. samsudinabubakar says:

    hahahhahahaahah…i could i forget!!!

  20. rebeccaarnold8 says:

    i have always loved this show

  21. sc1592 says:

    i’m doing a pointe dance to this song!

  22. duke0219 says:

    I wish I was around when stuff like this was on tv rather than the garbage that’s on now.

  23. lovelace64 says:

    swiming out of where they get the water no wonder it tasted fishy

  24. mkworkman says:

    1:37 YouTube video: Opening and closing titles of television show Petticoat Junction; at 0:40 is “And that’s Uncle Joe [Edgar Buchanan]; he’s a movin’ kinda slow…”

    March 20, 1903: birth of Edgar Buchanan, American actor (d. 1979); most familiar today as Uncle Joe Carson from the Petticoat Junction, Green Acres, and Beverly Hillbillies television sitcoms of the 1960s.

  25. mkworkman says:

    1:37 YouTube video: Petticoat Junction, opening and closing titles; at 1:01 is credit for Smiley Burnette.

    March 18, 1911: birth of Smiley Burnette, American singer and songwriter (d. 1967); in the 1960s, he portrayed railway engineer Charley Pratt on the CBS-TV programs Petticoat Junction (106 episodes) and Green Acres (7 episodes).

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