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Peter Sellers on the Muppet Show

Comedy genius Peter Sellers does Queen Victoria and Richard III on the Muppet Show. Now available on the Season 2 DVD set.
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25 Responses to “Peter Sellers on the Muppet Show”

  1. jafka633 says:

    @mohinderbauer he reveals here and in interviews and in one of his last movies that he could never be himself that he never knew how to be himself

  2. blackandgold978 says:

    My God, he could be ANYONE! :)

  3. thegrool says:

    happy 86th birthday, mr. sellers!

  4. Mulleycoma says:

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  5. PuppetSmile says:

    I also enjoy a good chicken, Sellers.

  6. mohinderbauer says:

    This scene was the theme of The Life and Death of Peter Sellers starring Geoffrey Rush. Peter Sellers played so many characters that hardly was he ever himself.

  7. funkycatglasses01 says:

    lol! Aww! poor kermit!!

  8. MrCcmaster says:

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  9. SardaukarPrime says:

    Pretty much all the old celebrity appearances were memorable.

  10. jeaniebthe1 says:

    This is definitely the funniest I’ve seen Sellers… :0)

  11. foxtweeg says:

    such an astounding and enigmatic figure in cinematic history

  12. LashBridges says:

    An original. Nobody like him before or after. I kinda put him in the class of Walt Disney (not the money-hungry company that bears his name) in America. Everything Walt was was put on display by means of media and entertainment and fantasy. Sellars was the EXACT opposite. We didn’t, and still don’t, know who he was because he didn’t know who he was. But doesn’t it make life rich when you watch both men?

  13. sweiland75 says:

    birdie num num

  14. mollydasiy7 says:

    I use to love Peter Sellers in the pink panther so funny

  15. Volfie999 says:

    John Cleese tells the story of when he was working with Sellers, and Sellers came downstairs in the morning from just having woken up, and in the space of about a minute between the stairs and the kitchen, he spoke to Cleese and Chapman in four different voices/characters/accents. Cleese suddenly realized that Peter Sellers had no idea who he was anymore, and just kept using whatever voice he could think of.

  16. apokryltaros says:

    @orualsbowl Tuned chickens.

  17. ihateFFX says:

    to true to true watchin it kinda feel sad knowin what he’s sayin true

  18. orualsbowl says:

    Sadness, he confesses to Kermit in a muppet show, of all things. Favorite. Beautiful. :) Whilst playing chickens.

  19. jpagano9 says:

    saw Being There, Dr Strnglove, etc. and saw nothing one would call ‘brilliance’. I’d imagine John Candy, Ted Night, or John Cleese would take those roles to a higher level.

    -And, no, that is not my dog.

  20. tomski70 says:

    @BIGBENFIJI Good last line. Compliment! That would have been even more funny, if Kermit wouldn´t be sure of being himself because maybe played by Peter Sellers perfectly!

  21. DaveThePuppetGuy says:

    @danhashman Well…yeah…there puppets

  22. elperromagico says:

    @BIGBENFIJI I wonder if there was a real Peter Sellers. Perhaps even the out-of-costume persona was a put-on. He fell into the role of “star” – complete with the temper tantrums – with great ease. But he fell into most roles with ease.

  23. linny1955 says:


  24. NaiTaiDai says:

    “Shave and a haircut. Two bits!”

  25. danhashman says:

    fake !!

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