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Pete Duel and Ben Murphy – Alias Smith and Jones

Pete Duel and Ben Murphy – Alias Smith and Jones

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  1. sharibelle1999 says:

    Thank you Ashbyjay! Very Merry Christmas to you. Merry Christmas to Pete in heaven too.

  2. ashbyjay says:

    Can’t argue with that, Sharibelle – he really was great company, and a very fine actor into the bargain. Happy Christmas to you, too, Sharibelle ;)

  3. sharibelle1999 says:

    As usual there’s nothing good on TV tonight, so I’m back watching Pete Duel videos and as usual he never fails me – Pete is more fun to watch than the junk on TV nowadays. Love you Pete – you are still the best!

  4. ashbyjay says:

    Fab news Sharibelle – you are one of nature’s true philosophers ;)

  5. sharibelle1999 says:

    We survived the tropical storm here, so I live to see another day of Pete Duel videos. Yeah!

  6. ashbyjay says:

    Hmm – I agree, Pete Duel was the ultimate in babe-ness, but don’t get blown away, Sharibelle, will you ;)

  7. sharibelle1999 says:

    Where I live we are under hurricane warning today, but while everyone else is out scrambling for supplies and stuff, I’m at home watching Pete Duel on youtube and I’m happy, because the world could pass me by or blow me away in the wind, and I wouldn’t care as long as I have Pete Duel on the brain. ha!

  8. sharibelle1999 says:

    I can’t even start my day out right until I watch one of these Pete Duel videos. I have to have my “Pete fix” to start the day. Whenever I think of him I feel happy. I just love him so much! There is nobody else like him – nobody even comes close to how wonderful and beautiful he was inside and out.

  9. exc123 says:

    My sister always suspected the girlfriend. :-) I think she had his blood on her.

  10. ashbyjay says:

    They are certainly taking their time with the Season 2 DVD release – it’s been about a year now – wish they’d get a move on.

  11. signifyingnothing says:

    If you live in the Seattle/Tacoma area and have Comcast Cable, channel 117 RTN(Retro Television Network) plays Alias Smith and Jones on Saturdays.

  12. Chicagoan444 says:

    Loved this clip. Hope to see the entire episode someday . . . just waiting for season 2 to be released on DVD. And p.s. – I usually print, because my handwriting is so crummy I can’t always read it.

  13. clairebear14 says:

    is anyone here honest? message me Y

  14. shorkielady says:

    Loved this show watched it every single episode in the UK LOVED Pete Dueul
    God Bless]

  15. odeonphile says:

    Loved this show! Watched it as a student in the 70s… Anyone remember an episode called “The Posse That Wouldn’t Quit”? Lifted STRAIGHT out of Butch Cassidy, bless ‘em!

  16. theflowerpower01 says:

    R.I.P Pete Duel, just like Jon Erik Hexum no reason to die, suicide? No way, I don’t believe that at all, he was found dead shot in the head, strange surcumstance and by Hexum the light fell out on the set.. they better had investigate in a better way.

  17. TAMARAGARIN says:

    gracias por preocuparte de leer los comentarios y responder,y en verdad el era hermoso.

  18. ashbyjay says:

    Yes, he was a lovely man. Thanks for your comment.

  19. tamaragarinherrera says:

    tantos aƱos sin verte hermoso,pero nunca me olvide de ti ,grande pete

  20. ashbyjay says:

    He certainly did Seattlegrl – his biography provides a lot of new insights into the problems which he was encountering. A lovely young man who died too young.

  21. SEATTLEGRL1 says:

    Peter Duel was so handsome. I never could understand why he took his life. He had so much going for him, didn’t he?

  22. daisyheyes says:

    I found out on a website that Pete’s death was an accident. He was cleaning it when it accidently discharged and ended his young life.

  23. sandhya60 says:

    loved this show, kind of a pre Starsky and Hutch western style.
    good memories. RIP Pete

  24. daisylynnplummer says:

    I love where Heyes can’t read his own writing. Ain’t you supposed to be able to read your own writing? This is a funny scene though.

  25. daisylynnplummer says:


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