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PETE BEST, I’ve Got a Secret 1964

The Beatles were JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE, and PETE … that is, until Pete was kicked out of the band in 1962, just as the group was about to take off into the stratosphere. From 1964, a very special “SECRET …”

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25 Responses to “PETE BEST, I’ve Got a Secret 1964”

  1. jrahde says:

    Hello EdgarPuga!

    Unfortunately – based on the Polydor recordings, the Decca sessions and the Radio Bristol performance;

    Ringo would be playing and Pete would be posing… Despite trying to be as objective as possible.

    And if Norman Chapman hadn’t got drafted, we would be asking: Ringo who? Pete who?…

    Ok, happy birthday to the fifth (=5th) drummer of The Beatles!

    All the best

  2. Hattergirl1000 says:

    happy birthday pete best

  3. EdgarPuga says:

    If there were 5 original beatles, what was Ringo doing while Peter was playing the drums?

  4. jrahde says:

    Hello kennyaltman !

    According to the contemporary people; nobody knew Pete Best .

    Sad and true; based on the contemporary tapes and records he was a clumsy club drummer. And based on the audiotapes – including this one – he was already in the 1960s a very ordinary person. Not even banal; ordinary…

    All the best

  5. kennyaltman says:

    This is almost painful to watch. Were these panelists so unhip at the time that they wouldn’t have known who Peter Best was upon immediately hearing his name?

  6. jrahde says:

    Hello AkiroXKE!

    I’ve been wondering about that too! :)

    Pete has told, that George was drunk all the time in their first Hamburg trip. And George has said, that Pete was drunk all the time… So, maybe there was a battle behind Stu and Paul as well and right from the beginning.

    But after listening to all the possible Pete Best related 1960s audiomaterial and seeing all the possible tv-performances: despite trying to be objective, he’s an emperor with no clothes…

    All the best

  7. AkiroXKE says:

    It’s ironic that George got Pete, the only Beatle born in India, kicked out of the Beatles, then spent the rest of his fool life trying to connect with all things Indian!

  8. jrahde says:

    Hello you all!

    I have to tell you the following things;

    1. On the dvd Pete Best of The Beatles he tells, that John was peeing on the balcony to the crowd going to church. In the biography about Paul McCartney by Ross Benson he tells, that this didn’t take place.

    2. On the same dvd he tells, that he and John were trying to mug a sailor. The first time I heard aboutt his was on Albert Goldman’s crap biography.

    So, I could say, that Pete Best is a lying half-gypsy, but I don’t…

  9. jrahde says:

    Pete who?! The brother of George Best?!…

  10. ILoveVitas909 says:

    @TwistedSister09 bwahaha thats what I thought…..but then there’s Paul lol

  11. JeffersonDinedAlone says:

    He is lying through his teeth; he was kicked out of the band, and was shocked when it occurred. He didn’t quit the band, and he had no intention of doing so.

  12. csvictory12 says:

    you could cut the tension with a knife

  13. cosg9531 says:

    Why would you travel to America just to appear on this show and seem like a dunce? And then lie about it? He didn’t choose to leave the band. He was sacked.

  14. MrGamersLand says:

    he didn’t leave, he was taken out by George Martin

  15. miss212AUT says:

    Omg!!! :O aww he was sooo handsome!!! <3

  16. gtarsk8er says:

    @xxlegallybrunettexxx they were originally friends

  17. guitarraveboy says:

    If I had a giant ego and I was a singer in a band but all the girls came to see the drummer I would probably want him out. We are talking about young 20 year olds. Whats even more funny is they replaced him with a drummer that not too many girls would like.Pete should have taken vocal lessons and done whatever he could do to become a singer/ Do I think the Beatles made the right choice? Yes. But they should have compensated him throughout the years.

  18. indeed1234 says:

    @BCK acutally b/c he wasnt as great a drummer than ringo. All the Beatles said it.

  19. BCK says:

    HE WAS FIRED!! Why? ‘Cause he had more charm and charisma than the other 3.

  20. FabFM says:

    @Johnmcartney10 So jealous he’s never bad mouthed the man… if he was that jealous some tape of best calling Ringo and his former “friends” utter tossers would exist, yet even as early as the period when The Beatles broke America, Best keep any hard feelings private… unlike the other Beatles it has to be said, who spent plenty of time in those early years slagging him off.

  21. FabFM says:

    @daddykornflakes Pete Best was the only Beatle to attend Neil’s funeral. Odd, seeing as Yoko Ono, George Martin, Stella McCartney and Barbara Bach (Ringo’s wife) were also there.

  22. Johnmcartney10 says:

    He’s jealous of Ringo

  23. darius595 says:

    he didnt leave the beatles, they fired him

  24. ekocentric says:

    Sort of a has been that never was…he must have been a bigger man because he had a good sense of humor about not being in the group.

  25. ekocentric says:

    @xxlegallybrunettexxx He was totally jipped.

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