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Perry Mason – The Case of the Killer Kiss – Opening Credits

Raymond Burr’s final television movie featuring Barbara Hale, William R. Moses, Genie Francis, Linda Dano, Arleen Sorkin, Stuart Damon, Richard Grove, Sean Kanan, Christian LeBlanc, Charles Macaulay, James McEachin, Karen Moncrieff, Riehle Krista Tesreau, Michael Tylo, and other top daytime television stars. NBC

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25 Responses to “Perry Mason – The Case of the Killer Kiss – Opening Credits”

  1. orbison says:

    Recording this movie on Encore Suspense. Kidney cancer may have slowed Raymond in this final performance (limiting his movements) but Perry Mason could still catch the bad guy in the end.
    R.I.P Raymond Burr

  2. benjianubis says:

    RIP raymond Burr

  3. Festfolket says:

    are these available on DVD ?

  4. cuzitsnecessary says:

    I watched this other day on movieplex, I liked it!

  5. kascnef82 says:

    First Raymond Burr and now Fred Steiner, who created the iconic theme.

  6. Green18600 says:

    Thanks For The Memories!! Rest In Peace — Raymond Burr!! This final “Perry Mason” movie on behalf of the late entertainer earned a 6 for originality.

  7. Robo1415 says:

    @tcsandman I have seen some of the tv movies on vhs,but I haven’t seen any on dvd with the exception of perry Mason returns which is on the 50th anniversary dvd set.That particular tv movie is good and I woulld like to find it too…

  8. Robo1415 says:

    @Juliaflo even i didn’t know his full name….

  9. TheBatugan77 says:

    Yes they were

  10. NIGHTWHMAN says:

    @Juliaflo Wow, you knew the FULL NAME LOL!!!!

  11. Brave38 says:

    No they where not I watched all of his Newer show’s there better than the old

  12. Ahmedabdelreheem says:

    @MrHanMi thanks a lot

  13. MrHanMi says:

    @Ahmedabdelreheem I saw about half a dozen of them, and IMHO, they were all horribly mediocre compared to the original series.

  14. regaadan says:


  15. Crippamaster says:

    voglio andare al mareeeeeeeeeeee

  16. Ahmedabdelreheem says:

    were these late movies of him any good?

  17. centurian55428 says:

    well! matlock is sharp.

  18. Juliaflo says:

    Nobody, but nobody could play Perry Mason more succinctly than Raymond William Stacy Burr.

  19. TrentMalloy says:

    did perry mason ever marry della street?

  20. Nightingale3765 says:

    Sherlock Holmes!!!!! Read some of them, they are incredibly entertaining

  21. jumpinjackzyre says:

    I wish someone would post an actual PM MOVIE, rather than the opening credits or ending credits for a PM movie!

  22. tcsandman says:

    I’m looking for the case of the glass coffin – anyone know where I can find more episodes; internet or dvd?

  23. hannahandrea039 says:

    I love Perry Mason series!!! I wonder who can be smarter than him…..

  24. roscodawg says:

    TomCagney, I didn’t realize that Perry Mason had a following in England. Also are you aware that the entire run of the original 1950′s – 1960′s Perry Mason series are now available on DVD. They have been releasing in sections. I think they are about up to the second half of the third season. I’m a bit behind, I have first and second half of first season and first half of second season. Good quality being released by CBS/Paramount. Well worth the money.

  25. roscodawg says:

    I loved a Barbara Hale interview where she attended her son’s parent -teacher night at his school. She was starring in Perry Mason and her husband had just finished a run as “Kit Carson” . The teacher was startled and amazed when the two stars walked in. She told them she didn’t realize they were celebrities. Barbara asked, “didn’t Billy tell you who we were?’ The teacher said, no, he told me that his Mom was a secretary and his Dad was a cowboy!”. Barbara got a big kick out of that.

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