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Perry Mason Opening Theme/Intro #2

Perry Mason Opening Theme/Intro #2. Here is another intro for this popular Tv show back then.
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25 Responses to “Perry Mason Opening Theme/Intro #2”

  1. TheSV3 says:

    @thomas58ish No, except for a near miss in “The Case of the Deadly Verdict”, which he won when he managed to catch the real killer. The reason Perry Mason never lost a case on TV was because it was a condition that the late Erle Stanley Gardner (his creator) imposed on the writers before he allowed them the rights to Mason. And in all of the Perry Mason novels Gardner wrote, onle ONE legal technical error was ever made, & he wasn’t a lawyer by trade. Thanx

  2. Mattpolay says:

    Chris Rock was frighten by that !

  3. MegaPatrickLima says:

    Bom esse programa do Pede mais Um!

  4. ClassicTVful says:

    @Demeterix Look up the Peter Gunn theme, Mike Hammer, and Hawaii Five O.

  5. Blassieboy says:

    From season 7 one of the last espiodes Ray Collins as Lt Tragg appears as he was very ill.

  6. Blassieboy says:

    From season 7 one of the last espiodes Ray Collins as Lt Tragg appears as he was very ill.

  7. bashbizznet says:

    Which season was this intro from?

  8. bolder2009 says:

    @Jasonlittlex Even so, two wrongs don’t make a right. My point is jeffmaylor has a romantic notion of how America used to be, which isn’t an America to proud of. Regardless of how he may feel about the other ethnic groups in the so called ‘land of the free’, the country didn’t live up to its promise of liberty. It denied equality to a significant number of its citizens. America doesn’t just belong to one ‘race’ of people. Its America’s shame.

  9. Jasonlittlex says:

    @BTX61 Sounds like you are salivating at the prospect of White Genocide – cultural if not literally genetic. You might take some quiet time to examine the hate in your heart.

  10. Jasonlittlex says:

    @bolder2009 The Native Americans were involved in vicious wars with each other for thousands of years, as were all hunter-gatherer tribes. The death rate among males from battle was extremely high. Now, they were not worse than other groups on earth in a similar state of development, but they were not any better either. And they also practiced slavery. They also wiped out many large animals groups (the buffalo and bison being some that survived). This was not some “Eden” that was “ruined”.

  11. BTX61 says:


    My future’s just fine. It’s yours I won’t mourn.

  12. kascnef82 says:

    @LowOIL edgar wright, the director of scott pilgrim, tweeted about his death.

  13. LowOIL says:

    @kascnef82 How did you know he would die 3 weeks early?

  14. kascnef82 says:

    RIP Fred Steiner

  15. Juliaflo says:

    Without Perry Mason, there would not have been an ‘L A Law’–both have theme songs that stick to me like, well, you get the idea.

  16. bolder2009 says:

    You can always buy the box set of ‘Mad Men’ and relive that America.

  17. bolder2009 says:

    I’ve always loved this theme. This tune has stayed with me for years like an old friend.

  18. bolder2009 says:

    @jeffmaylor I don’t want to get into ‘race’ politics, but the “overwhelming Whiteness” you refer to as ‘America’ isn’t exactly something to be proud of. That land was inhabited by people of darker hue long before Europeans migrated there and marginalised the native American Indian. And lets not forget the elephant in the room. That dirty word….Slavery. Saying goodbye to that ‘America’ is infact, a cause for celebration.

  19. Demeterix says:

    Amazing piece of shit. This is the shit that I call music not today is retarded shit they call rap. Can someone pls recommend me more music like this I was born during the 1990s so I’m not to familiar with music like this from the past

  20. merritt2014 says:

    perry bond 007 at the end lol

  21. farnumbp says:

    I love the music to this series. TV shows today don’t bother with great themes anymore. Too bad.

  22. bioghostkid says:


  23. 1tracymcgrady1 says:


  24. MisterBouncyBounce says:

    @MisterBouncyBounce i see you are trolling me around youtube. well look and learn kid, look and learn.

  25. fghjkk1 says:

    @MisterBouncyBounce sure

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