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Perry Mason

From Album, Ozzmosis

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25 Responses to “Perry Mason”

  1. cooler268 says:

    when ever they play reruns of perry mason on tv they should play this song at the end or somethin

  2. angelrocker1977 says:

    …que me llega esta rola men!!

  3. leeloveskym says:

    Ozzy’s cool but so is Zac: awsome musican. His work since is a match for Ozzy any day (and I’ve been a fan of Ozz for 30 years so none of this “what do you know” crap>)

  4. eelseth123 says:

    this song always gives me a 5 minute extatic orgasm from hell

  5. jubadellaroza says:

    ozzy é ozzy, do caralho….

  6. jubadellaroza says:

    ozzy é ozzy, do caralho….

  7. wndblwnsnw says:

    Is the girl his daughter?

  8. zakieold says:

    If you want ozzy to talk right just give him a mic

  9. farzaaam says:

    that how an ozzy video should be… 0 dislikes!

  10. andresolyon says:

    muito loko

  11. victorwirth87 says:

    @SmittyMcGee420 Yeah I knew it.
    It was just me lamenting on it.

  12. SurvivingTheHorizon says:

    @gabeholcombify1 lol its zakk wylde in the studio version- so yes he has a ton of other stuff for you to listen to

  13. SmittyMcGee420 says:

    @victorwirth87 Because when Ozzy toured for this album Zakk wasn’t with Ozzy and if you saw any of that tour Joe certainly held his own!

  14. victorwirth87 says:

    Why Ozzy had to shot with Jon Holmes on the line man??
    It would be even greater to see Zakk alongside Castillo and Geezer.
    Rock on!!!

  15. rockerdelgado85 says:


  16. huntinboat says:

    this song kicks

  17. gabeholcombify1 says:

    someone plz tell me the guitar players name so i may check to see if he has any more bands or something cauuse he rocked this solo

  18. juanixzx says:

    more ozzys cool!!!!

  19. lesaac says:

    tbh the graphic mesup on the solo was sorta badass

  20. 420dimebag says:

    The guitarist that played for ozzy during the tour for this album was Joe Holmes

  21. kondo337 says:

    Geezer’s on Bass on the video, Yeah.But that’s not Zakk, he don’t play no Strat !

  22. lazydumass12 says:

    too bad for the graphic messup

  23. diesaltundra says:

    On Perry mason live at ozzfest it says who’s playing beacause zakk wylde was doing bls stuff plus I think bls should make a version of this song cause well it is zakks song

  24. 1milion97 says:

    ozzy 4EVER!!!

  25. TheSolarSteamtrain says:

    well its Zakk on the album, and thats definitely Zakks style of playing, but your right how it doesnt look like him, and the guitar aswell isnt his kind

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