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Paul Reubens On The Gong Show

This clip is from 1976 and is one of 4 appearances by Paul on the show.

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25 Responses to “Paul Reubens On The Gong Show”

  1. capnhands says:

    love the hair

  2. ekocentric says:

    @psycho4334 I doubt if she would have had to worry too much about anything happening beyond a touch.

  3. ekocentric says:

    @expostfactum They had some talented acts on the early shows. But it seems that they chose the worst acts towards the end.

    Did you see the tall, skinny, toothless and hairy chested guy singing “The man I love” while sitting on top of a piano wearing a bob mackie type formal gown?

  4. mrtrin says:

    Did that chick end up on “In Living Color?”

  5. moby406 says:

    wow, lucky he came up with PEE WEE

  6. thetracer2 says:

    This is Paul Reubens with the late, great Charlotte McGinnis. They were both in The Groundlings at the time.

  7. NekoChanSenpai says:

    That was NOT woth 30 points!

  8. expostfactum says:

    This show was such a scam…..and retarded.

  9. stz1000 says:

    I’m glad he came up with Pee Wee, cause this shit is GAY!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. psycho4334 says:

    @ :32 the chick push pee weed hand like get the fuck off of me haha

  11. wendym1234 says:

    Ahhh, what a simpler more innocent time it was when this show broadcast! There is no way this skit would get past Piers and Sharon on America’s Got Talent today!

  12. radioactivekaraoke says:

    Isn’t that the girl from ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’. She played Simone I think.

  13. decovegan says:

    @hotkaramellove5000 According to “byebons,” who posted above:
    “Her name was Mary Charlotte “Sissy” Mcginnis Woffingdon. She passed away a couple of years ago, sadly.” Sounds to me like he said, “Bye Char” at the end. He must have known both of them.

  14. hotkaramellove5000 says:

    @decovegan Who is the female with Paul Reubens?

  15. decovegan says:

    He says “Thanks Paul, Bye Char.” Paul is a genius and she was funny too. I’m sad she’s no longer with us.

  16. yogertlvr says:

    ROFLOL I noticed that too that at the end after he said it was betty and Eddy, he said Thanks paul twice. OMG that id funny

  17. kblopp says:

    I cant believe pee wee didnt get gonged.

  18. taylorstone says:

    I BET you could eat two weiners….

  19. pdxeddie1111 says:

    they forgot the “ROVER get off my leg”

  20. MrRedFredSaid says:

    “I can eat two weiners!” lolz

  21. goodtimesontoob says:

    Gong Show, thats what made basicly invented Oingo Boingo :D

  22. dextersmith2000 says:

    wow look at the fro!


    Within 10 years he was earning millions of dollars weekly on the CBS Television Network with The Pee Wee Herman Show.

  24. Erioas says:


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