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Paul Lynde as a Singing Mountie in F-Troop – Part 2

Season 2 – Episode 1, Show #35 Paul Lynde aka Uncle Arthur from Bewitched plays a mountie arrives at Fort Courage, looking for Agarn’s look-a-like French-Canadian cousin, Lucky Pierre Agarniere. PM otbelite1 to request episodes that are not on youtube, I’ll get to all requests ASAP. I can also try and find guest appearances from the characters of this show on other shows not posted. (eg Dick York in Twilight Zone, Elizabeth Montgomery in Untouchables, or Dick Sargeant in Taxi)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to “Paul Lynde as a Singing Mountie in F-Troop – Part 2”

  1. Snow35253 says:

    Thumbs up if you think Jane is a hottie!

  2. BeantownJim says:

    krazy kat hahaha

  3. exilemick says:

    I remember these shows. Then, I couldn’t work out whether they were stupid, satirical or just very funny. I still can’t and it’s great to see some of it again. The Indians were great, they had some of the best lines ever. A failed great or a great failure?

  4. Bob6stringer says:

    You rock, otbelite1. He was great as Uncle Arthur playing the Tidy Bowl man in Samantha’s toilet tank, too! (Bewitched, of course.) –Bob

  5. walleyrt69 says:

    @Eric13Bravo But he said “He always gets his man!”.LOL

  6. hadithi says:

    “Would you care to join me in the sled my dear? My dogs are waiting with wagging tails.” LMAO! Oh my, that’s deliciously witty.

  7. compassionrepublican says:

    if he sings any higher those dogs will tear him apart

  8. WBensburg says:


  9. krelllabs says:

    “If he sings any higher, those dogs’ll tear him apart.”

  10. WBensburg says:

    What’s O’Roarke’s line @ 1:11?

  11. Jimed756 says:

    “Big fat thumb”…”Big fat finger.” Classic!

  12. Ridgid says:

    Oh my goodness..!!

  13. scamgrammy says:

    is it forest tucker or torest fucker?

  14. lebow1 says:


  15. craigss says:


  16. Eric13Bravo says:

    Paul Lynne hitting on a woman? Now thats real acting. :P

  17. KenBerryFan says:

    Captain Parmenter: “Well, I don’t think you’ll ever take him by surprise. It’s pretty hard to sneak up on a man when you’re singing, “Tramp!, Tramp!, Tramp!” at the top of your voice!” Tee-hee. I love that line. You gotta’ love this show. Thank you.

  18. ezri99 says:

    Paul Lynde saying “we always get our man” has a whole different meaning when Paul says it lol

    I can’t think of Banff without thinking of

    The Burglar from Banff-fa-fa-fa-fa

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