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Paul Lynde as a Singing Mountie in F-Troop – Part 1

Season 2 – Episode 1, Show #35 Paul Lynde aka Uncle Arthur from bewitched plays a mountie arrives at Fort Courage, seeking for Agarn’s look-a-like French-Canadian cousin, Lucky Pierre Agarniere. PM otbelite1 to request episodes that are not on youtube, I’ll get to all requests ASAP. I can also try and locate guest appearances from the characters of this show on other shows not posted. (eg Dick York in Twilight Zone, Elizabeth Montgomery in Untouchables, or Dick Sargeant in Taxi)
Video Rating: 4 / five

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25 Responses to “Paul Lynde as a Singing Mountie in F-Troop – Part 1”

  1. bobandrayfan1 says:

    Notice at 1:10 Agarn’s stand-in’s sideburns don’t match his hair..LOL

  2. Valizan says:

    Yes it was. Didn’t become RCMP until 1920. But this is Hollywood, renowned for not letting facts get in the way of a good story! :D

  3. JubalCalif says:

    HA !!! :)

  4. 692ALBANNACH says:

    Wasn;t it the northwest mounted police at that time in history

  5. pearsedoran says:

    in 1973 i joined the Royal Marines and ( wait for it ) i was in F TROOP !!!! . i only lasted 2 weeks then i got out, THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE !!!!!!! Pearse.

  6. pearsedoran says:

    i seen all the shows when i was 13 but it’s only now i notice that Larry S always has a light coloured hat and everone else has a dark coloured hat !!!! . can anyone tell me why ? please let me know Larry if your out there. Pearse.

  7. shaftsbury94 says:

    before my time, but was it ever shown in the uk anyone,

  8. superlinkarts says:

    F troop is the best

  9. bdunlevy22 says:

    I like F-Troop.

  10. lulamidge says:

    Humana, humana, humana, what’s his name? Love Agarn.

  11. Ryoku75 says:

    @litlgrey How about actually funny?

  12. screenwitch says:

    even then they were dropping hints…

  13. BeantownJim says:


  14. slydawg221 says:

    @kmdiver911 yes and no matter how funny something is paul lynde can always make it funnier.

  15. pretorious700 says:

    Captain “Dicks”??

  16. Andraste77 says:

    This was camp before anybody knew what camp was!

  17. brabon1 says:

    @blkchk it might have been reported as suicide initially because of his age

    but like alot of gay men back in the day, he had a terrible drinking problem…which did affect his health

    i do agree, he wasnt the happiest of people…which is sad, because he brought so much joy to others…one of the greatest comedic actors of our time

  18. blkchk says:

    @brabon1 You know what’s weird…I remember it being reported as suicide. I checked on the web just now and although Wikipedia and other sources agree with you it seems a lot of people think the same thing. Maybe it was the way it was reported at the time. I remember I was upset. Either way, he’s gone but still making people laugh.

  19. brabon1 says:

    @blkchk he had a heart attack…the man partied way too much

    i think what is sad, is that most people knew that he was gay, yet he had to stay closeted during all of his career

  20. blkchk says:

    Paul Lynde was hysterical. Too bad he was so sad in real life…committed suicide.

  21. dippywatcher says:

    A bit rough on the canadians?…
    Paul L plays part well

  22. musc124 says:

    this is classic lol

  23. bufford4 says:

    Great Warner Brothers color

  24. kmdiver911 says:

    one of the funniest shows ever

  25. debzeppeliniv says:

    real important info :D ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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