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Pat Sajak is Truly Bald … (Full – High High quality)

Pat Sajak asks Vanna to eliminate his hairpiece soon after 25 years living a lie. April fools?
Video Rating: four / five

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25 Responses to “Pat Sajak is Truly Bald … (Full – High High quality)”

  1. amesguy515 says:

    She should have done the same thing.

  2. CatalystDestiny says:

    Love it how she says “That’s your hair” and he responds PERFECTLY “no”

  3. HectorL360 says:

    BOAT ftw

  4. xKTxRodgers says:


  5. Xamashi says:

    prank yo

  6. Mustkunstn1k says:

    I would’ve wanted to see him take the bald cap off in the end. :D

  7. candaianrifleman says:

    that was a prank haha

  8. Lisawsome says:

    He’s really Lex Luthor!!!

  9. daburg412 says:

    hes not bald it was and april fools joke

  10. lisamaria1972 says:

    That is really good bald makeup…most of the times you can see the seam..excellent!

  11. penguinatic91 says:

    Her reaction is what makes this so good.

  12. bigshowble says:


    thumbs up if you got fooled.

  13. NickSal95 says:

    sub host deal or no deal now

  14. killersushi99 says:

    Pat Sajak Is Howie Mandel! Who Knew!

  15. Brian211978 says:

    don’t quit your day job….haha…but funny!

  16. yourdickis2limp says:

    So what Vanna Whites pussy is bald as well as her asshole.

  17. freaaa1 says:

    its obviously a bald cap because he wont touch it.

    that said, i still think he wears some kind of piece. just because he did this, doesnt mean he doesnt.

  18. sanford271 says:

    No, that was just an april fools joke. he has hair. but it does make him look like he could be Howie Mandel

  19. daveyhavok08 says:

    OH MY GOD. he looks so DIFFERENT. but still awesome!

  20. Barclay1987 says:

    Oh wow!

  21. amjan says:

    This moved me to tears.

  22. Freuderthreep says:

    Pat Kojak!

  23. polybi5 says:

    “I can guest host Deal or No Deal now.” Primo!

  24. rgarcia77 says:

    Who cares!!

  25. MikeRoePhonicsMusic says:

    @mferg240 Zing!

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