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Pat Sajak, Bald?

Pat Sajak has been living a lie and lastly reveals it live on the air.

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25 Responses to “Pat Sajak, Bald?”

  1. kd4adv says:

    It’s Daddy Warbucks! Lol

  2. yourdickis2limp says:

    Vannas pussy is bald as well.

  3. xJoeEDangerouslyx says:

    I love all these “was that real” comments. Yes. It was real. It’s just a coincidence that he specifically made a point of saying “Happy April first.” And now he wears the piece every day for some reason. April first… There’s something about that day… Hm. Oh well.

  4. AMEwrestling says:

    Pat Sajak should have literally shaved his head before Wheel of Fortune, wear a wig, then take if off before 2006 then continue the show bald. That could have spiked ratings. Old dumbass.

  5. maduharshi says:

    Search some naughty women online ****

  6. gymnastgurlz says:

    all this years i never knew

  7. ruantengyi says:

    Don;t worry every1, it’s only a prank!

  8. thestinkycheeseman91 says:

    nice hair pat

  9. MrHumerousify says:

    people tend to get bald in their 60s but not as bald like pat sajak..what r u thinkin?

  10. t4smom says:

    LOL he should go bald like me,.. Its sooo FREE!!

  11. ericasalad says:

    PAAAAT!?!? You crazy?!?!

  12. ruantengyi says:

    Wow, this could be the most memorable scene in wheel of fortune in the years ahead!

  13. what46evr says:

    or Dr X, or the guy from star trek lol

  14. CUCProductions says:

    omg He looks like Howie!

  15. Jpmc10 says:


  16. DEADHEROS81 says:

    It’s not only black guys that look good or cool bald Piche2001. (sorry for the error in my sentence, I was sleepy).

  17. DEADHEROS81 says:

    It’s not only black guys look good cool bald Piche2001. I’m black, and I must say I do look good bald, BUT Patrick Stewart & Bruce Willis are some bad ass bald white dudes in my opinion. I know there’s got to be more than that, but that’s all I can think of on the spot.

  18. walkawaygohome says:

    its a frekin april fools joke dont be sad hes bald

  19. Skrikles says:

    I miss that every time, even when I look right at the date

  20. armst012 says:

    One Million dollars!!!!!!!!!

  21. RobbieTheGreatest says:

    wasn’t Lex Luther like latino or something?

  22. Revolt714 says:


  23. JeffThunder says:

    Wait a second was this just his April Fool’s joke and he’s not actually bald?

  24. cbsteffen says:

    So he’s been wearing that hair piece since 1983?

  25. Vook says:

    I’m pretty sure he was wearing a bald cap of sorts.

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