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Password with Nancy Sinatra & Woody Allen (3 of 3)

Password with Nancy Sinatra & Woody Allen (3 of 3)
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19 Responses to “Password with Nancy Sinatra & Woody Allen (3 of 3)”

  1. MrReneManuel says:

    @wmlfan9 NP and thank you for latest comment.

  2. wmlfan9 says:

    @MrReneManuel Well – thank you for thanking me. You’d be surprised at how many of my comments on Youtube get no reply at all. Take care, friend.

  3. MrReneManuel says:

    @wmlfan9 True. Thank you for comment.

  4. wmlfan9 says:

    @MrReneManuel To be sure, but nobody gave “espy” as a clue.

  5. MrReneManuel says:

    @wmlfan9 Also “espy”.

  6. jaredpeace says:

    @MagiMysteryTour Oh I don’t think so. I think she’s flattered, and checking him out too. That’s the whole boy-girl courtship process right there, in all its awkward glory. Too sweet!

  7. joelok48 says:

    Woody Allen playing a normal serious person. Amazing. And great! A true genius!

  8. MagiMysteryTour says:

    She looks at him drumming his fingers, her lips say something, possible “fool”.

  9. wmlfan9 says:

    I think that, strictly speaking, “espionage” is a form of the word “spy”.

  10. CasperIsis says:

    I could really use some Polident.

  11. MerleOberon says:

    I think she was too old for him…

  12. thesixtiesguy says:

    When the word was earring, Nancy’s clue was a form of the word. Not acceptable. But what the heck. Pretty and sweet.

  13. ipmoic says:

    All the guys in suits in the audience!
    Great game show that keeps coming back.

  14. goodysun says:

    Oh to have been around in them days-far more sexier women and Nancy was no exception.

  15. feliciaijsthee says:

    haha yes, very clear he’s checking her out, very funny how he quickly glanced forward when she noticed

  16. mdumas43073 says:

    She caught him, too.

  17. storrs19 says:

    I would have been doing that as well. Nancy was a great looking young woman.

  18. Muffy2314 says:

    both great–nancy sinatra very bright.

  19. maxim1986 says:

    at the end woody was totally checking Nancy out

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