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Paladin Manhunter pt 1

Paladin Manhunter pt 1
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25 Responses to “Paladin Manhunter pt 1”

  1. forumghost9 says:

    Only Richard Boone is Paladin. Better to leave it alone. Eminem? Please…
    jdbanfield Thanks for the FABULOUS post

  2. 56Norman says:

    Interesting the suspect is outside of Kansas, U S Marshal Matt Dillon would have gotten him regardless of extradiction.

  3. joshweiss01 says:

    @carolcoh How about Sam Elliot since were going on the basis of deep voices. I can deliberately lower my voice too. It’s part of an actors tools. Some people are stuck with low voices; they have no versatility. Too many cigarettes!

  4. dandanjanett1 says:

    WHAT A MAN!!!!WOW!!!!

  5. carolcoh says:

    to melollylolly: How about Josh Brolin?

  6. melollylolly says:

    to carolcoh-a buffed up keanu reeves–or they could clone richard boone

  7. melollylolly says:

    to hip hop hippies-look under pernell roberts–you will find it

  8. midlet91 says:

    loved HGWT as a kid. got a gun set for xmas once. wish i still had that set now.i notice now that Paladin called everybody “boy”. at least he didn’t discriminate. still was a great western.

  9. melollylolly says:


  10. strandwolf says:

    @carolcoh Voice is a bit highpitched, perhaps. Selleck was great in Quigley Down Under, though, so perhaps you’re right.

  11. carolcoh says:

    The only actor I see as a possible Boone is Tom Selleck. Who would you have in mind?

  12. productionguy1 says:

    This was my all time favorite western. Wish somone out there could make a feature length film that would do the TV series justice. Maybe we could some how clone Richard Boone.

  13. meninomaduro says:

    @hiphophippies tenho varios seriados para venda, drango kie . perdidos no espa├žo e outros.

  14. hiphophippies says:

    i wish hey boy’s revenge was up here that was my favorite episode man

  15. laphant says:

    gonna slide onto my time machine horse and help my friend palladin scouge the earth of desparadoes..chuckle…go get em Richard..

  16. carolcoh says:

    Note to Richard Boone -Paladin fans: Netflix is now streaming episodes from Seasons 4, 5 and 6 including the much sought after Genesis episode which is the origin story of Paladin. It’s great! Fascinating! Wooohooo! Boone plays the dual role of aging gunfighter and pre-Paladin mercenary. What a treat!

  17. rablom says:


  18. melollylolly says:

    to Bidil6: the Episode you are talking about is called “The Protege”–and the actor who played opposite him and hired him to protect him from crimnal elements in town–was Peter Breck–(later of Big Valley)–and Paladin later has to kill him because this young man has become a killer and killed too many people–paladin had regrets about him–he had considered the young man a friend…..

  19. Bidil6 says:

    Does anyone have recall of the name of the episode involving Paladin being hired by a young man that wants to become a quick fast gun to protect himself from criminal elements in town? Paladin teaches this man how to draw fast and hit his target. Then the man thinks he can out gun Paladin.

  20. Bidil6 says:

    He, Richard Boone, was the best of the best and better than all the rest!

  21. Bidil6 says:

    Let’s all partition the hollywood bvld association to get Richard Boone’ s name and hand print of one of his children on the bvld.

  22. carolcoh says:

    I did not know that. I agree with you, he should have had.

  23. melollylolly says:

    why doesn’t Richard Boone have a star on Hollywood boulevard’s walk of fame? there are less deserving actors who have one…and i think he should have been given one….

  24. melollylolly says:

    what a character–he was one of a kind

  25. carolcoh says:

    Are there any efforts out there to get CBS to release as DVD Seasons four, five and six? Or at least four? What will it take? A petition drive? If there is a site, point me to it. Also is there any possibility of seeing the famous Genesis episode downloaded?

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