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Paladin – Have Gun Will Travel – Season 3 Show 3 Pt.1

Paladin – Have Gun Will Travel Season 3 Show 3 Pt.1
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  1. iowa61 says:


  2. 9001tank says:

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  3. GKnoke says:

    Have Gun Will Travel, at 8:30 Saturday night, followed by Gunsmoke at 9, was a ritual at our house when I was a kid. I think the show has aged well, and I was very pleased to see video clips here on Youtube.

  4. hiphophippies says:

    my dad told me about boone havin his own show and in one episode he played a modern day paladin by the way when does the richard boone show come on dvd?

  5. vzeu019j says:

    “PALADIN/HAVE GUN, WILL TRAVEL” comes on every weekday morning at 6:30, and again in the evening, crookedly at 6:40, on the Encore Westerns channel.

  6. RaleighDawlishRaynar says:

    Watching Mastermind in Great Britain last night – I realised I didn’t know enough about this era’s Westerns. Richard Boone in Hombre though being asked by the Paul Newman’s character how he (Boone) was going to get down the hill as mix races do not – allegedly – respect white flags of truce.

    Subject: playing around – continue weeping
    Anagram: Unpin Woe genetic – Yo rung, Paladin

  7. melollylolly says:

    yo williamsguy40: i agree totally with Boone walking the walk and talking the talk–John Denner would not have been as convincing–on TV–i don’t think Dehner was as physically imposing as Richard Boone-you should check out his appearance with Boone on have gun will travel episode-HIGH WIRE-on dvd-also featuring strother martin-you could see the comparisonsiand the differences

  8. williamsguy40 says:

    I always thought Richard Boone Was a real bad ass. Not only could he talk the talk he could walk the walk. I wonder if John Dehnier? was mad when they didn’t get him to do the show even though he portrayed the character on the radio. He wouldn’t have been as good as Boone though.

  9. mizpahboy says:

    Richard Boone was a very under rated actor and
    HGWT was a very under rated T.V. show ” And when
    he died my heart weeped, for I knew the likes of HIM
    would be seen no more.”

  10. melollylolly says:

    dear spacepatrolman: i’m glad randplph scott had other obligations at the time”-item: richard boone WAS BORN to play the part of PALADIN–i don’t know if scott could have done a well-boone brought a rough hewn sexiness to the part and a manly dignity and a profound sense of bearing and drama that women liked- in spite of the fact that we wasn’t a pretty boy

  11. spacepatrolman says:

    A guy named paladino with a rodeo sued the producers they said it was supposed to be a detective show until somebody said they could get randolph scott so make it a western .

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