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Paladin – Have Gun Will Travel Season 3 Show 1 Part 1 of 3

Paladin 3rd season 1st show part 1 of 3. Paladin Meets Colonel Klink from Hogan’s Heros

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25 Responses to “Paladin – Have Gun Will Travel Season 3 Show 1 Part 1 of 3”

  1. iowa61 says:

    God this is good!

  2. dondecruz says:

    hay!!! where is part 2 and part 3 of the res of this story on have gun will travel GEE!!
    i would like to see what hapens at the end of this story. feed back if you may.
    e-mail address Thank you.

  3. nivlemelvin says:

    Hop low = dancing mushroom from Fantasia

  4. EvelTwinOfSlogmaster says:

    jdbanfield: THANK YOU for all the awesome Paladin uploads! : D

  5. melollylolly says:

    that is kim chan aka hey boy

  6. fishscale83 says:


  7. jaypauljackson says:

    Col Klink it is

  8. melollylolly says:

    oh yes; and polite society frowned on falling in love with the pretty young ladies help–it would have been expected for him to marry a society girl–whether she ws pretty or ugly–with money. He was very independent minded–and loved too many women too much.

  9. melollylolly says:

    to moproducer: and last; but not least: don’t know if the maid affair led to a falling out with what was left of his family. And the women he usually either fell in love with or almost fell in love with were well to do or wealthy–the closest to his heart was that young female doctor phyllis thackery as played by actress june lockhart-circumstances permitted they would have married. Now i think he was single because of his money situation–and disease rampant–he ‘s a ladies man.
    was easier!

  10. melollylolly says:

    to moprodcer: and finally; here’s a thought: in an episode –i forget what it was called-where he was bushwacked and robbed of his black clothing-and was left to wear smelly clothing; upon which he had to walk miles to a ranch owned by a wealthy young woman–whom ended up falling in love with him–he had beat a couple of her ranch hands up–to teach them a lesson for trying to beat him up–he mentioned something about a fling and love tor the upstairs maid once upon a time–

  11. melollylolly says:

    to moproducer: and after that; he went to san francisco; and he was paid a stipend–not to come home-and he was gambling-and played poker and other car games for extra money–which he usually won–until he gambled himself into a fifteen thousand dollar debt- to a man named norge–and if you ever see or saw the “1962-Gensis episode of have gun will travel–you would know the rest.

  12. melollylolly says:

    to moproducer: more info: when the war ended; he returned home to find out his father was dead–and the family fortunes dwindled; he had an uncle named ben who was not financially savvy; and somewhere after that he joined merrill’s mauraders-for a short time; until he realized what they were about–and he left that–and then for a time he lived with the yuma indian tribe; then rejoined his uncle–then there was a falling out-why–don’t know

  13. melollylolly says:

    to moproducer: as i once read a synopsis about Paladin and how he came to be: some more info: his mother was a southern beauty who died of pneumonia or consumption when he was a young adolescent; his father had some abolitionist leanings –which is where he probably learned tolerance of many who had a different background from him–he grew up in financial comfort–he attended west point as a young man–but was called to duty when the civil war broke out–he was a young officer during that war.

  14. Fruth37 says:

    It’s Col. Klink!

  15. melollylolly says:

    to moproducer: i would have thought that Richard Boone would have been appreciative when approached by fans–i wondered if he was ever nice to them-i had heard that sometimes he could be a nice guy to them-i hope that was sometimes the case because fans don’t mean any harm-it’s a fact of hero worship that may cause some fans to act like idiots

  16. moproducer says:

    Richard Boone was famous for being sarcastic when approached by fans. Sorry, dcgess, you were suckered. The word “wire”, followed by a business name or address, was common on business cards in the 19th century.

    As was setup by 9/15/1962 episode, Paladin was not his name. It was a title given to him by Smoke (played also by Boone). A “paladin” is a knightly defender (hence the chess knight icon). The character called Paladin was estranged from his refined family, his name was never revealed.

  17. moproducer says:

    dcgess, please tell me that you’re kidding…

  18. bradelli says:

    Also :
    “BIRTH OF A LEGEND” The last season’s first episode, “Genesis,” finally told the story of Paladin’s origin.
    he is forced by his IOU-holder, a truly evil land baron named Norge, to challenge an outlaw called “Smoke”
    The man later to become Paladin (we’ll never know his given name) seeks out Smoke,

  19. bradelli says:

    Sorry, wire is an expression for sending a telegram, the internet of the 1870′s

  20. dcgess says:

    Well, I wish I could agree with you, I cannot. Having sat with both he and Jack Palance, they both agreed that I was correct in my answer to his name on the show.

  21. bradelli says:

    Wire refers to send a telegram or wire to Paladin it is not his name.
    That has been discussed many times.
    IF you did indeed meet him, he was pulling your leg probably since that question was put to him too many times.

  22. dcgess says:

    SBFlash311, Wire is his first name! I met Richard Boone in York, England and asked him if Wire was his first name. He said I was correct.

  23. rentatrip1 says:

    hollywood insanity-
    the plate glass would have been en-cased in a sturdy and solid frame of wood with padding all around – -
    form follow function- not as is depicted here – tied with rope upright in a solid axle wagon – this is so insane -
    total Hollywood BS -
    stupid script writing -

  24. flamintitsgurl says:

    you can buy a dvd box set of them. at any movie/cd retailer.

  25. donkel13 says:

    where did you get these have gun will travel episode because my dad used to watch these when they came out and now my dad want to get them. tell me where you got them from please.

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