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Ozzy Osbourne- Perry Mason LIVE at Ozzfest

Ozzy LIVE at Ozzfest 1996 performing PERRY MASON

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25 Responses to “Ozzy Osbourne- Perry Mason LIVE at Ozzfest”

  1. TheEldarrr says:

    Басс играет очень в кассу. Никакого кандибобера.

  2. hanscomdouglasryan says:

    mike on the drums totally kicking ass!

  3. MetalNineteen1984 says:

    @TheFranticSlug there piecing together multiple performances i noticed the guitar players guitar changed too

  4. Bloodhooff says:

    @TheFranticSlug 2 different shows…well 2 shows in the same city 2 days in a row so they just cut pieces of each of them together they do it with most shows

  5. CoD3107 says:


  6. SeekndDestroy1 says:

    Someone actually gave this a thumbs down?

  7. crunkalac says:

    its fucking good to be the king!

  8. boe00000 says:

    I like at 4:49 5555

  9. DontShakeItUp says:

    Mike Bordin still has the best tits in this video!

  10. DontShakeItUp says:

    @TheFranticSlug Actually, he has magical shoes that can turn invisible. A wizard gave them to him.

  11. ROXguitarist19 says:

    @Kudell46and2 had? he’s still got a great line-up!

  12. theoutdoorfilms says:

    Thumbs up fir gorrilla walk @ 1:27

  13. sdcurry2 says:

    @BeardedDanishViking LOL. the lack of rings and other shiney things kind of gave that away…..not to mention Joe Holmes is skinny as hell.

  14. SladeForelly says:

    Bin Laden can use a man like PM

  15. ThemFlames says:

    @BeardedDanishViking thats not zakk wylde

  16. prezbiterium says:

    Bordin is not a good drummer in Perry Mason.. Deen Castronovo, record version, was like a tank, like a diesel roller!!! Bordin version is more like a jumping German porn star.

  17. metalbonicks says:

    hey who’s the guitarist, can’t be Wylde no way!

  18. BeardedDanishViking says:

    Zakk Wylde looks so young.. Rob and Mike look exactly like they do now XD

  19. hickrystyk says:

    @frr3esq It is Joe Holmes

  20. hickrystyk says:

    @shadyguitarhero It is not Zakk……it is Joe Holmes

  21. hickrystyk says:

    the drummer looks like Todd Sucherman, he’s with Styx, now

  22. Chrisruleshughes says:

    is that zak wylde topless?

  23. TastyBaggage says:

    Am i the only one to realise the bassist from metallica is playing bass?

  24. MegaBarger says:

    rob trujillo is gay

  25. frr3esq says:

    @metalrocks19737 yes, very serious!

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