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Ozzie and Harriet – Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream (1/3)

The Nelsons collect after dinner and begin to talk about a newspaper post about a young boy who was lost till situated by Sgt. Dolan of the nearby police department. Sgt. Dolan treats the boy to a huge tutti-frutti ice cream cone while waiting for the boy’s parents to arrive. When Ozzie and Harriet recall the ample portions of tutti-frutti ice cream they enjoyed as kids, Ozzie just cannot appear to shake his craving for his preferred flavor from long ago. Ozzie dreams of tutti-frutti ice cream and awakens suddenly to begin a night lengthy search for 1 of his joys of lengthy ago. This is believed to be episode ten of season six with an original air date of December 11th, 1957. This video brought to you by hwy61media. Please take a moment to rate this video and add your comments. You can see all of my videos at: Please take a appear and subscribe to my channel. If you would like to comment on my channel as nicely, please do so. Your feedback is crucial to me. Thanks for watching.
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25 Responses to “Ozzie and Harriet – Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream (1/3)”

  1. castalia60able says:

    I love the way this family shared time and respected each other. That is whats lacking in shows of today: example Married with Children.. Gosh..I am so glad that stupid show is off the air!

  2. castalia60able says:

    @GJNCA – I wish shows like these were around. They show how families use to
    be together and share their time and respect each other.. What is
    worse are shows like “Married with Children” which shows nothing but greed -
    disrespect for each other. Sorry – I tell like I see it. Love the Charleston with Harriet,

  3. Nostalgia1950s1970s says:

    We can donate whatever we can afford. The deadline is 3rd November, so please check out the following link which is a direct one to introduce you to Sam as he is today, speaking to us in a video which also contains´╗┐ loads of clips & Ozzie & Harriet related stuff… kickstarter. (no space)com/projects/2100802854/ozzie-and-harriet-reviving-an-american-treasure

  4. Nostalgia1950s1970s says:

    Sam Nelson, son of the late Ricky Nelson is trying to raise necessary funds to restore all 435 original episodes of The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet.

    I encourage other fans to watch the video segment which gives additional details of how we can get involved & contribute to the project.

  5. cdlravenwolf says:

    @t455m I guess you found some truly fertile feeding grounds, my dear troll.

  6. SweetLilNibs says:

    Ricky Nelson wasn’t much of an actor. But who cares? He was so darn good looking.

  7. bonaccordians says:

    wonderful! thankyou.. takes me back,,,

  8. harley75604 says:

    I loved Ozzie and Harriet.

  9. designcracker says:

    Love this !!! Thank you for sharing these. What an oasis in an age of sad television.

  10. Killersfrombeyond says:

    .10 for an Ice Sunday. + in was in glass.

  11. Killersfrombeyond says:

    @Jeffzkazie. I’m 27. I’m Ozzie & Harriet fan. I proudly wear my O&H & My Three Son’s t shirt in public.

  12. Jeffzkrazie says:

    Question to all Ozzie and Harriet Fans, or Classic TV Fans in gerenal! Anyone below the age of 35 here? I’m 23! AND I am a HUGEEEEE fan of Classic TV Shows. So if your Under 35 then Hit me up! I’m trying to find more people my age who love these awesome classic tv programs. Perhaps to form a group of some sort as well!

  13. surfandsun94 says:

    I’ve seen this episode a lot, but it always bugged me how Ozzie put the emphasis on CREAM. Like, ice CREAM. lol x] But I love it. haha and I’m only 17 x]

  14. SageTheAtheist says:

    @t455m thank god all these people are bread, it’s truly a butter place

  15. GJNCA says:

    @hwy61media Totally hateful— and ignorant!

  16. hwy61media says:

    @GJNCA Maybe he should elaborate on his first comment. I don’t see any way to interpret it other than hateful. Do you?

  17. hwy61media says:

    @GJNCA And yet he continues below!

  18. GJNCA says:

    @hwy61media Thankfully this fool has no followers to speak of (only 1 equally moronic subscriber evidently!)!

  19. GJNCA says:

    @t455m Spoken like a true moron! I suppose nice families like the Nelsons are something totally foreign to your warped way of thinking! You no doubt prefer the mean-spiritedness of families like those portrayed on crap series like “Roseane” or “Married with Children”! You are a very sad, very sick little person!!!

  20. hwy61media says:

    @t455m Now this is the kind of mean spirited hate speech that I simply won’t tolerate on my channel (except as an example of what gets you blocked). I am broad minded in the commentary I allow and afford everyone an opportunity to say what they will but this is too much.

    How anyone could say such a thing about the Nelson family baffles me.

    You are blocked!

  21. t455m says:

    thank god all these people are dead, it’s truly a better place

  22. hwy61media says:

    @originalmatchgame I have but it was a very long time ago and very good. It seems to be more popular as frozen yogurt now. Try a Google search for “Tutti-Frutti Ice Cream+your zip code” without the quotes of course. Try it with and without the dash in Tutti-Frutti. Good luck. -Michael

  23. originalmatchgame says:

    I’ve never had tutti fruitti , I’ll never give up looking for some , thanks Oz

  24. searchanddiscover says:

    its kind of funny, even back then they were saying that they don’t make things like they used to….

  25. robopanda says:

    omg the singing <3

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