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Opening – The Jackie Gleason Show

Here is the opening to The Jackie Gleason Show from 9/29/62. Features Jackie and the June Taylor Dancers.
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25 Responses to “Opening – The Jackie Gleason Show”

  1. RayNDeere says:

    @nycretroguy That’s Johnny Olson. An unmistakable voice

  2. leroydubya says:

    And we should all remember that Jackie Gleason was the inspiration for that other famous character, Fred Flintstone. They look so much alike!!

  3. leroydubya says:

    I too remember Jackie Gleason. My introduction to the Honeymooners came when he incorporated an updated version into his show aired from Miami Beach. He was one hell of an entertainer. It took me a while to figure out that all those giant flower patterns were overhead shots of the June Taylor Dancers.

  4. bixntram says:

    @problem49 Great stuff! I remember this as a little kid. As a trumpet player, my attention was drawn to the screamer playing lead. Wow! Maynard wasn’t the only back then.

  5. bixntram says:

    @problem49 Great stuff! I remember this as a little kid. As a trumpet player, my attention was drawn to the screamer playing lead. Wow! Maynard wasn’t the only back then.

  6. pnull says:

    @Sallyim512 Wow…you were that girl? What’s like being part of television history? Exactly where in NYC was this show done? Was it The Ed Sullivan Theatre? How many shows did you do with Gleason? How did you get the job? What did you do later in your career? If it’s not too personal…how much did you make? Do you stay in touch with anyone from the show? I love this stuff.

  7. chuckbuckbobuck says:

    Believe it or not I remember watching a Jackie Gleason show in the fall of 1962 though it wasn’t this one. Kind of scary that I would remember watching it since it was nearly a half century ago and I was all of six years old.

  8. johnmohanmusic says:

    Hi Sallyim512,

    Isn’t YouTube a great thing?! We can look back at performances we did in another era – great memories! I love looking at these clips because it reminds me of the amazing levels of talent on shows such as this back in the day. Being a trumpet player, I’m in awe of the power AND cleanliness of the brass section on the show. But I am in equal awe of the dancing. Great times!

  9. joeblowthehot says:

    love that girl salad!!

  10. Eschatus2 says:

    When I was a little boy I wanted to be a June Taylor Dancer. I couldn’t wait for the overhead shot when they made giants flowers on the floor. That was my favorite part. I tried to do it on the kitchen floor and I taped my Mom’s handmirror as high as I could on the cupboard door, but I couldn’t see myself because it wasn’t aligned right, and then it fell and broken and I got a spanking.

  11. 2005dave says:

    @nycretroguy It’s Johnny. He was Gleason’s preferred announcer during the 60′s and 70′s. Gleason would regularly fly Olson from New York (where he was based until 1972, when he started on “The Price is Right”) to Miami to do his shows.

  12. mca1218 says:

    If you ever catch Mr. Gleason’s biography on BIOGRAPHY, you’ll see a portion of this same opening sequence, but on 2″ videotape- and how sweet it is!!

  13. baracuda5555 says:


    I love classic TV and I thank all who contributed to it!

  14. problem49 says:

    @Sallyim512 Thank you for sharing your priceless memories of this great entertainer. I too was always astonished at Gleasons great gifts as a dancer in spite of his obvious girth.

  15. RayNDeere says:

    @charlesartist The show moved to Miami Beach a year or two later I think. The opening line was “From Miami Beach, The Sun and Fun Capital of the World”

  16. RayNDeere says:

    @nycretroguy It’s Johnny Olson. No mistaking that classic voice

  17. charlesartist says:

    I remember watching this program with my parents.
    I was four years old when this episode aired.
    And the “Busby Berkley” overhead shots!

    What memories!
    Thanks for posting this.
    That opening music!

    Didn’t they used to open from Miami, Florida also?
    “Live from Miami, it’s the Jackie Gleason Show”

  18. macman237 says:

    WOW! WHO is that DISH at 5:18?

  19. macman237 says:


    “There will NEVER be another Great´╗┐ One… he was the absolute best… period!”

    Truer words have never been spoken…

  20. SteverinoCanEat says:

    @Sallyim512 You probably have heard this more times than carter has pills but you’re a most beautiful lady and I sense this now as it was apparent from the above film then. Just wondering what state do you reside in nowadays?

  21. SteverinoCanEat says:

    Love It!!!! A Show biz Monster, a brilliant mind and talent. Without a doubt He’s The Great One….. To the Moon, the Stars and Beyond… How sweet it is!!!!

  22. Malark67 says:

    @Sallyim512 Sally, can you tell me where exactly the show was filmed in NYC? I have been to so many theaters and studios around the city I was always curious where the show was shot. How about the Honeymooners show as well? Thanks!

  23. Malark67 says:


  24. Malark67 says:

    @Sallyim512 Sally, can you tell me where exactly was the show filmed in NYC? I grew up in CT and would venture in to NY and sit in audiences for many game show, etc in NYC. Have been trying to track down the theaters and studios that hosted all of the great TV shows. Do you know where the Honeymooners was shot as well?

  25. surferlaments says:

    @Sallyim512 …. your not kidding. i am sure you probably have better memories for the show than me….. having been there but….. to me, everything i saw and heard about jackie gleason was good. loved the opening song and the honeymooners opening song. i really liked the man. hope all is well for you coffee girl. cherish your memories! i am sure you do.

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