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Opening – The Jackie Gleason Show

Here is the opening to The Jackie Gleason Show from 9/29/62. Characteristics Jackie and the June Taylor Dancers.
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25 Responses to “Opening – The Jackie Gleason Show”

  1. LupeTemple says:


  2. jdollinter says:

    We used to watch this show at Anselme Landry’s house on Sunday’s in ’62. My foster dad Ernie was born in 1907 and his dad, Anselme, was born in 1882. Looking back it seems incredible I knew Anselme Landry and his wife, he was 30 y’s/o when the Titanic sunk. Even at his advanced age in 1962 , he still appeciated the beautiful women on Jackie Gleason.

  3. chuckbuckbobuck says:

    Marvelous Gams. Good looking women shows that God loves us!

  4. LLH97921 says:

    I was born in 63, and my earliest memories are of Jackie, I used to stand in awe of this lovable man. I knew he was great, and I was maybe 2 and 3 years old. Now, meanwhile in the backround was my nasty fighten family, yelling and screaming, but I was just fine with Jackie in the foreground. I really miss that man.

  5. libertatus says:

    Incredible. Fabulous. LIVE television folks, LIVE!

  6. Juliaflo says:

    @nycretroguy It was Johnny Olson. (I had the experience of meeting him).

  7. 1mrmoose says:

    @9696286-I’m with you on this one. Kids today don’t have any good tv shows or movies.

  8. 1mrmoose says:

    Are any of these shows on dvd? If not, they need to be.

  9. 9696286 says:

    I was born in ’61 and remember this show.
    Every generation misses what once was and now it’s my turn………
    I miss many things from when I was young and feel very sorry for the young people today. They have missed out….yes they have.

  10. tallpaul521 says:

    @clockworktim Thank you so much.

  11. clockworktim says:

    @tallpaul521 God bless your father and your family. Your father WAS part of the greatest generation. I thank him so much for all he did for us, God rest his soul.

  12. tallpaul521 says:

    My dad, who passed away last week, loved Jackie. They were both from the tough times from Queens and Brooklyn. My dad always loved saying “How Sweet It Is” and “Away We Go”!! My dad was of the WW2 vets Greatest Generation who are leaving us a rate of 1200 a day.

  13. DoctorScuba says:

    i remember this show when it was on the air!

  14. TimelordR says:

    Classic TV at its finest! Thanks for the memories.

  15. TeamEmmettEdward says:

    so im doing a dance project at school and i dont have alot of info on june taylor. Does anyboys know anything about her. I have some stuff but its not alot (: please help if you can. thanks :D

  16. enisorian says:

    Big Band conductor, great musician in his own right, brilliant comic and an incredible box office actor. No one was like Jackie, or ever will be.

  17. Hawkeye752 says:

    A Saturday night memory of me and my family when it was on the air. Great writting, great stars, great songs and of course, all hosted by THE GREAT ONE!

  18. Besingers says:

    LOVE IT!

  19. 450984 says:


  20. tsntana says:

    1:00 to 3:20

    Man bring that BACK! Classy, sexy, energetic, and entertaining. As The Great One said, “Dynamite”. We need that BACK!

  21. nyshortline says:

    How Sweet It Is!!!!!

  22. paktype says:

    Yep…and today we get to watch garbage like “Jersey Shore”.

  23. JEDIALADDIN says:

    HOW SWEET IT IS! AND AWAY WE GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Great One KNEW how to put on a “show” :)

  24. bigcity233 says:

    We watched every Sat night on CBS Channel 2 in NY. The opening brings me back to sitting in front of the big b&w Admiral console as a kid of 10. I loved it when the announcer used to say NY was the “entertainment capital of the world” – since NY was my hometown. Was a little disappointed when Jackie moved the show to Miami Beach – but remained a fan.

  25. bigfinewoman says:

    My family must have watched this for years..i remember watching this when I was four …and that was in 1965. I loved the June Taylor Dancers. It’s because of them I would always want a kaleidescope for Christmas. I love watching the patterns they did. My sister and I would get on teh floor and imitate them.

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