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Only Fools & Horses Intro

Voted the Greatest British sitcom Ever!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Only Fools & Horses Intro”

  1. copadelray says:

    no show can take over only fools and horses <3

  2. arkaziz says:

    Does Rodney sing that? :D THE BEST COMEDIAN SERIE EVER..from serbia…

  3. 2sick2care says:

    @coppertweed There’s a skit on Hale and Pace about how the British sing in American accents, it’s pretty funny and sums it up I reckon, lol:P

  4. coppertweed says:

    @griffingeo oh, he sounds american a bit

  5. griffingeo says:

    @coppertweed English, It was John sullivan who wrote Only Fools and Horses :)

  6. MrVisuljak says:

    John Sullivan R.I.P

  7. coppertweed says:

    is the singer a brit or a american?

  8. TheBadgerslayer says:

    Please excuse the hideously overused joke, but

    4 people are twenty-two carrot plonkers!

  9. djfoley2K7 says:

    whoever doesnt like only fools and horses is “a twenty two carrot plonker”

  10. username666ization says:

    Stick a pony in me pocket; it’s a really big pocket.

  11. drazaMD says:

    RIP John

  12. xxxMadFaceOnyx says:

    John Sullivan R.I.P. :’(

  13. ThePikestar says:

    RIP John – a true comedy legend.

  14. tonightwefly says:

    RIP John

  15. difficultbastard says:

    @EndlessLaymon I remember these times fondly. Used to love spitting image too, but my parents didn’t like me watching it.

  16. djole70 says:

    koji kraljevi !!!

  17. zsclements says:

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  18. Acwdhawle says:

    i even converted it to mp3 and planning to make it my ringtone lol.

  19. vitorskoda says:

    Is it me or I can see a black Skoda 110R on the left side of the screen at 00:15?! That person should have been hunted down by anti-comunists at that time :D

  20. djfoley2K7 says:

    the best programme ever next to father ted

  21. CigStorm says:

    good old grandad better then Albert

  22. EndlessLaymon says:

    This and Red Dwarf, best shows ever produced if you ask me.

  23. berba4232 says:


  24. ascorbicacid1 says:

    good old days!!!!

  25. spectrumpulse says:

    @swanz1234: the opening and closing theme songs are most definitely written and performed by John Sullivan. He wanted a ‘Chas’n'Dave’ sound to it, and succeeded :-)

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