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One of the Worst The Price Is Right Players Ever

Playing Ten Chances and she has no idea how to play it. The reaction by Bob Barker at the end is priceless.
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25 Responses to “One of the Worst The Price Is Right Players Ever”

  1. christineNUS says:

    He’s saying “I can’t believe it…” at the end… neither can I. I lost it when he had to teach her how to identify which numbers she’s used and which are the ones she hasn’t LOL

  2. Freakzilla87 says:

    she got lucky

  3. metssteelersfan says:

    he is sayin how the hell did this girl win?

  4. pingaslord23 says:

    how bout… a new CAAAAA!!!!!!

  5. peppersax says:

    Boy, was this a stupid girl! But then, a miracle…….SHE FUC**** WON. Bob Barker had to sit down because it was so unbelievable that a girl this dumb could win. She did though have a nice caboose:)

  6. daniela8262 says:

    i remember watching this, and thinking when will Bob just give her an upper cut.

  7. waaatwat says:

    @IceTeaEdwin: That would be shitty toast though.

  8. XeatcookiesX says:

    Should she really be allowed to drive that car?

  9. November10th1775USMC says:

    1,930, Thats an expensive car Joy,

  10. renshammar says:

    This is such a /b/ thing

  11. Youtubbemain says:

    /i juha the bithg of the lord

  12. Mahthan says:

    2:23 some guy yells 580!! lmfao

  13. boz2478 says:

    @IceTeaEdwin XD HAHAHA thats hilarious XD

  14. buttercup22315 says:

    never seen thaat game bofore

  15. 1337one1 says:

    WTF 80$ toaster…

  16. 2003041 says:

    No wonder Bob Barker left the show.

  17. ViniciusFiocco says:

    can she stop look at the crowd and just stay concentrated
    stupid as hell
    “I can’t believe…”
    the host said everything.
    well…she won the stuff

  18. cokedupcowboi says:

    Oh great, now she’s out driving around somewhere.

  19. daisydawn10 says:

    poor girl was so nervous…but hey she won the stuff, so kuddo’s to her:)

  20. flamezinfire481 says:

    i can’t believe that happened either

  21. The407whiteboy says:

    hhahahahahahhahahha what a dumb asss LMFAO LOL

  22. 1972njr says:

    This girl is not as much stupid as she is rattled, After an $80 toaster, I’d be a bit lost too. Who can think straight anyway with 20 people screaming numbers in your ear.
    I’m glad she won the car.

  23. teentemps says:

    This is why he retired… we’ve found the source!!!! shoot the dumbass!!!

  24. MetalSlugzMaster says:

    No, you’re too stupid, Joy, I don’t trust you to drive at all, Joy. You don’t win the car, Joy…I’m getting too old for this…..

  25. swade8307 says:

    about time dumbass haha

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