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One of the Worst The Price Is Right Players Ever

Playing Ten Chances and she has no thought how to play it. The reaction by Bob Barker at the end is priceless.

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25 Responses to “One of the Worst The Price Is Right Players Ever”

  1. shawnabaptiste says:

    “If I only had a brain”

  2. JerryInOC says:

    She had her clutchpants on.

  3. rockafella563 says:

    @hotpocketpoison: fuck you.

  4. ibmdigital2000 says:

    she made it finally

  5. ibmdigital2000 says:

    she made it finally !!!

  6. ArnoldTheHamster says:

    YES! Clutch…

  7. twitchellfina says:

    Bob Barker was like “Damn bitch you are fucking retarded” haha retards

  8. cynlauper1 says:


  9. GT1004 says:

    This was painful………and after her incompetence she was rewarded. Seems like the new America!

  10. imSkorp says:

    He also says “I can’t believe it” at some point

  11. imSkorp says:

    lol he seems to be pissed off.

  12. GIJooTheWarHero says:

    @northernstudio I don’t think a sedan can support you, man.

  13. britnicoleh says:


  14. tracemaster100 says:

    poor bob.

  15. poisonousbuckeye42 says:

    4:42 bob was like “i’m getting too old for this shit”

  16. northernstudio says:

    The chick is quite hot and now she has a car to pick me up!!!

  17. awesomealex014 says:

    Bob Baker couldn’t believe it….

  18. hotpocketpoison says:

    i dont care how dumb she is… id still do her :P

  19. T3chn0Hardc0re says:

    HAHAHA I laughed my ass off the whole time XD A NEW CAAAARRH was when the first explosion came. FIVE EIGHTY!!! was funny ass too XDD

  20. cpratt40 says:

    that fucking old guy copping an attitude

  21. Bluyoshi8z says:

    She isn’t bad. She didn’t cheat. I don’t blame her for being under pressure since shes on National TV.

  22. ajd89 says:

    hahaha stupidity prevails !!!!!

  23. TheMysticMage says:


  24. starwarsfatkid says:

    SHE is the reason why bob barker left the show!

  25. Virus278 says:

    4:15 I started literally laughing my ass off. That was like the 4th time in a row Bob had to tell her she’d used the 1 twice. The way he said it was hilarious.

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