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Old TV Guide Clipping – Dudley on Diff’rent Strokes

Old TV Guide Clipping

Image by Shavar Ross
Circa 1982. Diff’rent Strokes TV Guide Clipping. Just archiving. From my favorite episode. Todd Bridges was getting extremely tall opposite Gary Coleman so they offered me a 13 out of 22 show contract to play his best friend.

I completed about 50 episodes over a six year span. I was honored to be in the very last episode of this long running series.

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8 Responses to “Old TV Guide Clipping – Dudley on Diff’rent Strokes”

  1. Charloto says:

    I watched this show everyday at my grandmothers when I was little.. it was one of my favorites :)

  2. birdcage says:

    wow, I totally remember this episode!

  3. villany says:

    funny – i have a todd bridges/willis story as well.

    certainly not nearly exciting as your experience!

  4. Shavar Ross says:

    Oh cool. I’ve seen that headshot before. I have a vintage Todd that I haven’t uploaded yet. Thanks for sharing!

  5. DayDayDad says:

    Great clip, I am sure your show was a part of a lot of these kids life Growing up. :)
    It was one of my faves.

  6. tiaaiv says:

    Shaver, which episode was the last episode of DS? I don’t believe I seen it.

  7. Shavar Ross says:

    It was called "Room for One More".

  8. kalihikahuna74 (Nahm Prik Pow or Fugu Khan) says:

    classic tv series, in the 1980′s. Great ideas and concepts relevant (social issues, like racism, gender/social economic class and inter-racial relations) that were used for sitcom material.

    This show reminds me of that ABC sitcom "Family Matters" in a way. Reginald Vel Johnson, the cop on the first "Die Hard" Bruce Willis-vehicle/movie, was supposed to be the main star of the show, but little nerdy Steven Urkel, aka Jaleel White, stole the show away from the lead actor.

    It’s another great tv series show next to the "Jeffersons," "What’s Happening," and "Sanford and Son."

    "What you talkin’ about, Willis ??!!!" – One of the great one-liners of all time, baby…

    I also loved "In Living Color" by the Fox tv network, Keenan Ivory Wayans. It became the breeding ground for Jim Carrey, Jamie Foxx, Carrie Ann Inaba (Dancing with the Stars), Jennifer Lopez, T’Keyah "Crystal" Keymah, Rosie Perez, Steve Park, Marlon and Shawn Wayans, David Alan Grier and Damon Wayans.

    And then, there was the "Martin" Lawrence sitcom. Great stuff.. What’s up !!! Wassup !!! Wassupp !!!

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