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Oingo Boingo on the Gong Show

The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo on the Gong Show. This was noticed originally in 1976. This small treasure had been sitting on my shelf for years. I figured all old time Boingo fans might enjoy this. I still have about 25 stubs from all the Boingo concerts I saw, and by no means missed the annual Halloween show. I grew up in the 80′s blasting Boingo music even though driving my vehicle. Richard Elfman is in the rocket, and Danny is playing the Trombone. Thanks Oingo Boingo for all the years of great music, there was nothing like it on earth! Mark.
Video Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “Oingo Boingo on the Gong Show”

  1. StevenFallonOfficial says:

    Wow this is exactly why YouTube rules….able to see a rarity like this, damn! Thanks very much uploader!! Oingo Boingo forever!

  2. justinsbaby159 says:

    oh my god!!! i rember this show where did u find this?

  3. jackspaceyferry says:


  4. readybear75219 says:

    Scary but I remember seeing this when it was broadcast in 1976…I was 11 years old and home sick from school. Wow. Pretty f**ked up sh*t. I Love It!! :)

  5. redhothellers says:

    looooool … look at danny 5:21 how he walks hahahhaha

  6. JagerMagic says:

    Humble beginings…

  7. chizzlemang says:


  8. tattoofu says:

    What in the blue fuck?

  9. ReverendChance says:

    Chuck was on some awesome coke!
    I bet Danny is laughing now with all his MILLIONS!!!!!

  10. ReverendChance says:

    Chuck was on some awesome coke!

  11. PAMAROSHOUSE says:

    @BlogBitch they wouldnt make it cause pierce is to full of himself he thinks hes to sophisticated

  12. Krazy4life19 says:

    HA! Wonderful prize of $516.92.

  13. emjee says:

    I remember seeing Oingo on a comdey show back in the early 80′s or late 70′s doing “California Girls” by the Beach Boys. Real strange version too…

  14. pugasaurus says:

    I die for the pants.

  15. BlogBitch says:

    Can you imagine this on Americas Got Talent?..people would think they was on the crystal meth…..

  16. finylvinyl66 says:

    @maubus That was what was so great about the Gong Show – it was like a party and
    the viewers were all invited.

  17. tink430 says:

    love this!!

  18. tink430 says:

    @StuMcKoo don’t think he was ever sober!!

  19. 5ivepdx says:

    @StuMcKoo – That’s exactly what I thought during his opening monologue. I turned to my wife and said “wow, he was stoned as hell here.” :-P

  20. maubus says:

    For some reason this makes me very very happy

  21. TheDavidallenjones says:

    Wonder what Elfman & Co. spent the $500 plus change on?

    P.S. How cool was Shari Lewis?

  22. blackdragon1028 says:

    @StuMcKoo Off the charts stoned!!!!!!!!

  23. WestVirginiaRebel says:

    @StuMcKoo In the 70s “stoned” was a relative term : )

  24. GroffinTiffin says:

    the only thing remotely interesting about this is the chick!!!

  25. dgkesquire says:

    Where the H-E-double hockey sticks did you FIND this?! This is cheesy TV gold!

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