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oh the agony…Wheel of Fortune – The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat

The irony..
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25 Responses to “oh the agony…Wheel of Fortune – The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat”

  1. pedocalientito123 says:

    @SmokingNtheGraveyard maybe she was thinking “the thrill of history…”

    xD i saw that too at the begining. the noticed it had no sense

  2. calagorn321 says:

    @fluffywolf08 u do realize it wouldn’t matter if she got bankrupt because she loses all the money she earned when she lost.

  3. spankthemonkee112 says:

    @GMan867 LOL misspelling of crack in comments

  4. fluffywolf08 says:

    at least she didn’t get a bankrupt then, but the puzzle really puts it in her face.

  5. GMan867 says:

    LOL voice crake at 0:17

  6. XxHiGhPoWeReDxX says:

    She wasn’t being greedy, she was just an idiot. If she was being greedy she would have known the answer before she spun and guessed “s”.

  7. draklorian says:

    i am stupid, i thought “the thrill of history and the agony of defeat”

  8. MrEL1JaH says:

    they all dyed thir hair

  9. gmccord1970 says:

    That just chuckles me…greed will get you everytime.

  10. ishallkillall says:

    LOL daaaamn

  11. ArexYouxCereal says:

    nicky is such a bitch

  12. junglemage666 says:

    Hey, dont make fun of the host, hes goin through puberty

  13. coolkim963 says:

    lol i didnt hear the voice crack at 0:14 until someone said that lol ha ha

  14. EcoDimension says:

    sarcasm at its best

  15. panhead55 says:

    looks like the greedy lady got what was coming to her…

  16. tannerman80 says:

    thumbs up if you favorited this video for the voice crak at 0:14

  17. TheloniousKeys781 says:

    Call her a “dumb bitch” because of the inability to solve a Wheel of Fortune puzzle. Goes to show how pompous lifeless youtubers are.

  18. thomas2417 says:


  19. RogueHealersAreOP says:

    @akikislam 16.. haha ikr

  20. FutureNewsAnchor says:

    The one guy in the audience at 0:36 knew she screwed up before anybody else did. “OHH!”

  21. crimsonakd says:

    @akikislam ROFL

  22. foxchemdry1 says:

    serves the stupid bitch right. And what a fitting puzzle title


    s? wtf was she thinking it was?

  24. BowieGirl95 says:

    wow… s? what kinda woman can get a score of £62 400 and not be able to get ‘thrill’ … :S

  25. megamandude455 says:

    ah the richest dumbfuck lost in wof WoW really?? i have found a perfect example of irony

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