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Norman Lear feels that this episode of Mary Hartman…

Norman Lear feels this episode of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman may contain the best performance in the history of television.
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25 Responses to “Norman Lear feels that this episode of Mary Hartman…”

  1. highwayhokie says:

    @k4y3lg33 different strokes for different folks. I think Mary Hartman is halarious. It was then and it still is. I wish it would be rebroadcasted by a cable station.

  2. MusikAndLuv says:

    @TheGranule You know the Tea Party is like many groups in the past, a reaction to a big change. Nazism was a reaction ro communism, Family Values was a reaction to social revolution in the 1960′s. Now its average people up in arms because they are affraid of the president. It will pass.

  3. ccipollini1984 says:

    Acting 101. It sucks that at first glance people will not take this seriously because it’s a 70′s “sitcom”, but it goes deeper. i’m glad I watched. That decade was all about pushing it, but having meaning behind what you pushed. Now days we are horribly burnt out from being so over-shocked all the time.,

  4. TheGranule says:

    Thank you for you witless remark. That is what passes for intellectual replies in the Mad Hatter’s Party

  5. geolau59 says:

    @TheGranule I got your Tea Party right here! So just suck it!

  6. TheGranule says:

    Poor Lasser, like a lot of folks got into drugs which ruined her life and career.

    Some of the best TV and Radio was between 1950 and 1985. I think folks were given adult messages and were mature enough to absorb it and use them.

    I don’t know about today. It seems pretty shallow and homogenized to me.

    Some of it is actually scary, like the rise of the Tea Party and all those Mad Hatters within it.

  7. rickenba says:

    Mary, I feel you. i know what your going , and coming to. been there so many times, in the long run. no one really cares. and we all sleep alone.

  8. TheRamrod100 says:

    It just floored me when I first watched this in 70′s. I’m 49 now but I never forgot this scene and others, from this late night soap/ satire/ camp/ shot in video. Classic television for sure and one hell of an actress. She could ping-pong her emotions in the blink of an eye and you’d never know what hit you. Encore to a great show.

  9. pablosux says:

    I watched this show as a child-maybe 12ish,it always had me glued she’s good no doubt about it!Nice legs!

  10. EscapeNewJersey says:

    Everybody must realize that the goal of this show and all the rest of television shows produced by Norman Lear was to make gentiles look foolish, incompotent, and evil. Look at his other shows like All In The Family, Good Times etc. etc. This anti-gentile propaganda plot all planned out in the basement of his synagogue.

  11. jameschar24 says:

    Why wouldn’t he say this? He developed the show! A little bit self-serving, no??

  12. Yobachi2007 says:

    That was pretty good, but not that spectacular. Certainly not “…the best performance in the history of television,” not by far.
    Also, while I understand that this show was supposed to be satirical, if you’re going to switch from satirical to actual drama, which this scene clearly is meant to be; you can’t have those idiots ridiculously ranting questions at her as she’s breaking down and have someone take this seriously and take it in as a powerful scene; because it’s too farcical.

  13. spittysmom says:

    I think, that when this show was on, that a lot of people didn’t “get it”. I was a child then, but I remember hearing adults talking about it saying stuff like, “That Mary Hartman is such a dope. Such a nothing. I can’t believe that show is even on television.” When really, it was so ahead of its time.

  14. steffap says:

    that was riveting

  15. Indygoguy says:

    this is so tiresome

  16. grendeljack says:

    Holy crap!…This is going to f***ing haunt me! How real can you get?! She deserved to be a much bigger star!

  17. neverindoubt says:

    upskirt at 6.42

  18. crasmane1 says:

    @Babaziba So true. She’s a marvel.

  19. stevenvz says:

    Absolute genius! One way to tell great acting is that Louise Lasser seems like she is improvising, so natural!

    This show was one way ahead of its time!

    Gripping! Deep on so many levels!

    She did win the Emmy in 1976 for Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

  20. monicatorralba says:

    Best acting performance ever….

  21. ddAdmire says:

    i remember this show as a child growing up in the 70′s. it came on at noon right before moms soaps. i was not allowed to watch it. i felt so betrayed as a child….

  22. Babaziba says:

    Louise Lasser is a genius. Always has been. Always will be. “If only the mail would come on time.”- Normal Lear is right.

  23. MikeOfTheRedwoods says:

    Wish season 2 were on DVD.

  24. duckman531 says:

    I’m surprised that Lear thought that. As great as this is, Lasser had done even better. The monologue in the mental hospital comes quickly to mind. This was a landmark show in the history of television.

  25. Methadone4Life says:

    I would love to watch this series from the start….one of the most fascinating shows to ever grace television.

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