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Norman Lear feels that this episode of Mary Hartman…

Norman Lear feels this episode of Mary Hartman Mary Hartman may contain the very best performance in the history of television.

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25 Responses to “Norman Lear feels that this episode of Mary Hartman…”

  1. creeg84 says:

    @catmandave52 It is on dvd! I found it on cduniverse.

  2. femalegeek5 says:

    I kind of remembered when this first came out, didn’t get it then and don’t get know. Very strange!

  3. williamwagener says:

    I thought at the time, she was on drugs half the time. What ever happened to her.

  4. cybertroll2011 says:

    I laughed my ass off.

  5. lmdw says:

    But why is the AUDIO so bad? Maybe it’s my computer, but I can barely hear it.

  6. MusicEd1 says:

    Man they just do not make good prime-time comedies like this anymore. Gone are the great Norman Lear comedies of our time. What a decade. Great. : )

  7. alsmith68 says:

    @k4y3lg33 It starts out funny, with Louise Lasser playing the standard sort of “spaced-out Mary,” and her asides to the host of the program, but as soon as she accidentally mentions her husband’s impotence, she starts to go to pieces, realizes she’s lots control and just melts down, and it’s heartbreaking to watch. The show was a satire, though, and sometimes it took a lot of sensitivity to discern what was comedy and what was human emotion. But yes, the end of this clip is just devastating.

  8. aneondevilbreath says:

    This is a wonderful flashback from the 60′s and i remember so many of these issues from that era. I am glad to see this and I love her way of telling her story in this.

  9. Alwaystuned says:

    Acting 101. This is spectacular. I was a ( young ) fan of the show but missed this episode. One word: Wow!!

  10. Reader12345678910 says:


  11. noeasywaydown says:

    I love how this stellar scene condenses the entire series’ embattling Mary with consumer culture and plays out her conflicted conscience on tabloid TV—-long before Jerry Springer.

  12. 63filmbuff says:

    If only the mail will come on time and that ever present “waxy yellow buildup. This is extra super special.

  13. 63filmbuff says:

    delightfully doofus

  14. bluestate69 says:

    @k4y3lg33 i don’t know if today’s attention span is long enough for mary hartman. hopefully i am wrong, cause this is the most ground breaking comedy ever made, in my humble opinion

  15. djjserpico says:

    Award winning performance.

  16. rickenba says:

    Were in the hell is this Lady`s OSCAR AWARD! BRILLIANT!!JUST BRILLIANT!!

  17. tweetyli1 says:

    Absolutely loved this show then and after reviewing these episodes I still love it.

  18. LeBigMoneyShow says:

    When I was a kid in the mid 70′s, I think 1975, this show was on in the day time and i would try to watch it. I did not understand the satire and thought the show was strange and weird, but I some how found it intriguing at the same time. Now as full grown adult, I see why.

  19. mje2k says:

    Stunning performance. Mary Hartman was supposed to be the ultimate middle class,product conscous consumer and the panelists were asking questions that the viewing public asking questions directly to their new tv icon, Mary Hartman, and Mary/Louise suffering from overload.I think the nervous breakdown may have actually occurred and I distinctly remember her being busted for drugs while buying a doll house or some such.

  20. catmandave52 says:

    @SarahBurris1013 Amen to that. Used to race home on the night this was on.

  21. catmandave52 says:

    The fact that this show is not shown on Cable reruns or generally available on DVD is a crime. This entire country is like one big laugh track. This is a very rare show that lets the viewers determine what is funny. If I could have one show on a desert island, this would absolutely be it. Absolutely. Shame on whoever is keeping this off DVD. I would buy the boxed set in a freaking heartbeat. This may be simply the last truly intelligent show on TV.

  22. mrbarbieux says:

    I do think that Mary Hartman Mary Hartman was over hyped as a comedy and poorly marketed in general. It was highly intellectual for its time, but there was no audience for it. You can’t really show this kind of stuff to people who are true Kool-ade drunks and expect them to get it.

  23. Aphorism31 says:

    They made about 350 episodes and it sucks that only about the first 25 are available.

  24. ccipollini1984 says:

    This is Acting 101 kids. If anyone watching this an acting professor or student, I URGE you to watch and learn from this.

  25. highwayhokie says:

    @k4y3lg33 different strokes for different folks. I think Mary Hartman is halarious. It was then and it still is. I wish it would be rebroadcasted by a cable station.

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