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nine daleks

nine daleks

Image by Johnson Cameraface
See the set up picture for more detail on how this was made. After going back to basics with the outdoor Dalek shot, I thought I’d try a similar approach inside. Got some new BG card and some new lighting and came up with this.

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30 Responses to “nine daleks”

  1. Evil Cheese Scientist says:

    Nice work!

  2. mechanischwunder says:

    So pop!

  3. tim2ubh says:

    This is both fab and gear. And weirdly suggestive of a Skarosian edition of ‘Celebrity Squares’.

    Seen in the group"Easily LED" (?)

  4. ╠Bea╣ says:

    A Hard Dalek’s Night? :D Very good!

  5. bob canada says:

    "The Dalek Bunch, the Dalek Bunch. That’s the way, they became the Dalek Bunch." ;^)

    Nice work. I’d like to take shots like these, but I don’t have the right kind of camera.

  6. wizardwig says:


  7. Allie DeLicious says:

    I want to put this on my wall above my couch!! SO COOL!

  8. Johnson Cameraface says:

    Thanks :)

    Yep, I wanted something bright and cheery for the dark and cold winter we are having.

    Heh, I can see it now "And here’s your host mr Daaaave Rossssss!

    Much appreciated :)

    Didn’t think of that! Would have made a great 60′s film at the height of Dalekmania though :D

    Never seen that, so I had to google it, Now I see :)

    Thanks, I know that the camera can make the shot, but I had loads of fun with my point and shoot before I upgraded, however a old cannon and the camera hack CHDK can do quite a bit.

    Cheers WW :) I had fun with this one.

    well do feel free, It’s Creative commons so you can do that no problem. I’m happy you think it’s good enough :) (if you do it, take a shot of it. That would make my day).

  9. moonlightbulb says:

    Hee hee hee! I love it! I second Allie’s idea about it being wall-worthy!

  10. pickweb (away for a while) says:

    what a great collection – you have made a super image

  11. Synthetic_Reality says:

    epic lols

  12. doyoubleedlikeme says:


  13. Johnson Cameraface says:

    Thank you! I have never made paper-copies of any of my digital pics myself, but even I might make an exception for this one :)

    Cheers PW :)

    cool, thanks!

    Thank you.

  14. R D L says:

    Very eyecatching. Great idea!

  15. soxer123 says:

    Love it JC

  16. -logoparenthêtês- says:

    Well done! Thanks for posting the set-up shot, too.

    [Seen in Dalek!]

  17. Johnson Cameraface says:

    Thanks, much appreciated :)


    No problem, glad you like it :)

  18. ScallyW says:

    What a wonderful idea.

  19. Johnson Cameraface says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you like it :)

  20. dididumm says:

    A real classic!

  21. legofenris says:

    very nice!

  22. Johnson Cameraface says:

    Glad you think so! Thanks :)

    Thank you :)

  23. Yom... says:

    Great !!! ^_^

  24. bob canada says:

    Haw! Alice is the Supreme Dalek!

    I wonder if there are Dalek children? Do they put them in little battlesuits?

  25. Johnson Cameraface says:

    Cheers :)

    Tiny dalek kids? scary thought!

    All daleks are engineered into full adulthood before getting a place in the ranks.


  26. Look-Me-Up says:

    love it!!

  27. Johnson Cameraface says:

    I like your Icon :)


  28. gibbspaulus says:

    Darn it, Bob From Canada beat me to it. It’s Dalek Pop Art, it’s The City Of Skaro Bunch.

  29. Johnson Cameraface says:


  30. Victory Leo says:

    I love it, but this also makes me think of the Brady Bunch opening

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