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Night Gallery, The Caterpillar 1/4

A brand new nightmare starring Laurence Harvey here in the Night Gallery.

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25 Responses to “Night Gallery, The Caterpillar 1/4”

  1. 1964nickel says:

    This one scared the heck out of me as a kid. It still makes my ears itch, even after all these years. *shudder* TY heh

  2. dirths says:

    @here4family Try being born in 63 and having four older sisters that didn;t care if you were scared or not! They watched this every week, and I was allowed to, too. Even though I was less than 10 years old and it scared the crap out of me!!!

  3. 5jerry1 says:

    But this episode couldn’t happen that way. ;-)

  4. 5jerry1 says:

    Even though everybody tampered with Serling’s scripts and vision, this was an excellent series nonetheless.

  5. myrtlebox says:

    This one freaked me out when I was 10. I think its the best that NG had to offer

  6. capie44 says:

    I love her skirt…they are so beautiful. I wish women still wore them.

  7. Mufaso1000 says:

    Rod Serling always looked like he needed a bath and a shave.

  8. jwphx1962 says:

    My all time favorite Night Gallery. I still think about this episode. It scared me then and it still creeps me out now. Nobody could pull off creepy like Rod Serling.

  9. crazytosh1 says:

    Prepare to enter… the scary door.

  10. EpicTitanSD says:

    Why do I even listen to him!!!

  11. leefal says:

    Awww that’s just great, now I’ll never get any sleep. Thanks a bunch Mr Charlie Brooker.

  12. YODAZ79 says:

    Brooker again,why!!!!

  13. woooody316 says:


  14. RoryGreenGraphics says:

    Charlie, stop linking me to random shit FFS :P

  15. paulj0557 says:

    Is that hot babe an earwig?

  16. Noveltooner says:

    And, of course, introducing the guest stars during this season of “Night Gallery’ is the elegant voice of “Jonny Quest’s” Race Bannen: Mike Road.

  17. Ybrain100 says:

    Mycket gamla serier i åren 1969 till 1974. Bra serie av terror som vi haft väldigt mycket

  18. ronparel says:

    i was watching Butterfield 8 and thought of this weird, haunting episode i saw a long long time ago. so i typed in lawrence harvey caterpillar twilight zone.

  19. Ybrain100 says:

    Er fy mod i wedi darllen pryfed clust yn ail ac na allai hyn ddigwydd mewn gwirionedd, nid yw yn fy rhwystro rhag bod yn seico ychydig am fy nghlustiau. Fi ‘n weithredol wedi cael gwybedyn bach yn un o fy nghlustiau ac aeth arno’i hun, tywalltwyd perocsid yn fy nghlust, ac arnofio ef allan. Ych. I ddim yn weld sioe meddygol, go meddygol, nid un ffug gyda actorion, ac mae hyn yn ddynes dlawd daeth i mewn gyda chwilen ddu anferth ym mhob un o’r ei glustiau. .

  20. Ybrain100 says:

    Série antiga dos anos 70!

  21. windstorm1000 says:

    Harvey did not age well–I know he had a lot of health problems and died young. Superb actor, however, right up to the end. Joanne Petit is beyond lovely.

  22. windstorm1000 says:

    I think most will agree that this is the greatest Night Gallery episode. It has a horrifying, yet appropriate irony. And no monsters or ghosts to provide the horror–simply human evil boomeranged back on itself. By the way, in defense of ear whigs–they don’t crawl into ears and eat brains–that is entirely fictitious. They are simply annoying and harmless.

  23. notmemate says:

    I love the way he said ‘archipelago’.
    I watched re-runs of Night Gallery in the mid 1980′s and thought it was brilliant- the shit that passes for television these days is just pitiful in comparison.

  24. Chemicalwarfare84 says:

    @MissMael Totaly off subject of the tv show I like the song by Iron Maiden called the prisoner and the first part of the song is the intro to the prisoner.

  25. Hashashasheen says:

    @here4family chill!earwigs cant do shit since they cant pass your eardrum

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