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night gallery intro

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25 Responses to “night gallery intro”

  1. 1969Fever says:

    Universal needs to release Season 3 on DVD. It’s way overdue!!!

  2. gritnom says:

    @ClassicTVful Well, early 90s had good shows. I just wish channels that claim to be about classic television should only play classic television. TVLAND doesn’t show much anymore. They have new crap and show movies. Chiller used to show Night Gallery, but stopped.

  3. ClassicTVful says:

    @gritnom There needs to be a channel that airs shows from the 60s through 80s. No 90s and 2000s.

  4. wannabehendrix says:

    I am 48 and watched this show when I was 8 thru 11. This intro STILL put shivers up my spine!!!!! Some of the episodes were very disturbing. Even by todays standards.

  5. ClassicTVful says:

    @cynthiacher RetroTV network airs this show. You can go to to see if you get this channel in your area.

  6. MockEmpire says:

    fdon’t watch this on lsd

  7. scottrgib says:

    This show used to scare the hell out of me ,god how we enjoyed it.

  8. DramaDon83 says:

    Oh, I remember this scary music as a child..

  9. FiendsInRedSatin1 says:

    Classic show (at least until it turned into all ESP all the time).

  10. londonliz43 says:

    TVLand Sucks!I don’t even watch it anymore.

  11. gritnom says:

    @cynthiacher They don’t even show anything good anymore. Now they have movies and original shows. TV is such crap now.

  12. JohnnyJohn116 says:

    Yeah he was in it! It was the pilot for the series! Look up Night Gallery pilot her on YouTube and you can get the creeps watching it all over again!

  13. justaguy542 says:

    best intro ever !!!!!

  14. TanyaX95X says:

    Does anybody know when Season 3 will be released?? :)

  15. devtrev says:

    Man, this music used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. I loved this show. Anyone remember the episode called “Green Fingers” with Elsa Lanchester? Best episode ever! It gave me nightmares for years.

  16. lifeishomeless says:

    who the fuck would dislike this video???? like why

  17. nalatrebo says:

    @OptimusPrimus001 …..That was in the Pilot episode; the segment was called “The Cemetary,” and yes, Roddy McDowall was in it.

  18. OptimusPrimus001 says:

    my favorite episode was the one about a painting that showed a old man dead,then burried in a cemetary, then riseing from the grave and knocking on the door of the house and the guy went crazy at the end,, blurry memory of it…….. so long ago, seen it as a child. I think Rodney McDowld (from planet of the apes) was in it. …

  19. battlestarmarc says:

    1 of the best intros ever.

  20. ChrisK42 says:

    @cynthiacher RTV has the rights to this show, as well as Dragnet and Adam-12

  21. Hashashasheen says:

    Thumbs up if you came across “Night Gallery” due to The Simpsons’ “Treehouse of Horrors”

  22. baraxor says:


    I think that’s the Englishman who went into the noonday sun one too many times.

  23. KevinJKtheman says:

    I thought “The waiting room” was an awesome episode, starring Steve Forrest and Buddy Ebsen

  24. hud2lex says:

    You are right how come they don’t show Night gallery anymore??/

  25. aagjmb says:

    @cynthiacher It’s because of lawyers and the money to be made on DVD.

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