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Night Gallery – “Fright Night” – Portion 1 of 3

By popular demand! A somewhat watchable print of the episode that scared the bejeebers out of me as a kid. I only located a copy lately and was impressed to see how significantly I remembered, and how accurately. And I think it is nonetheless fairly good!

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25 Responses to “Night Gallery – “Fright Night” – Portion 1 of 3”

  1. mari66101 says:


    The episode that you are looking for is called “Painted Mirror ” I think I saw that someone posted here on Youtube..

  2. Jayjen35 says:

    I remember when I was little the pictures at the beginning of this show would scare me half to death! But I still always wanted to see them! The creepiness of these stories tends to stay with you. I wonder why no one writes things like this anymore. I think directors depend too much on gore and shock value. No one can just tell a damned good story anymore.

  3. sexhaie says:

    i’m only 19 years old, so this show is way above my generation, but this is still one of my favorite shows that manages to scare me more then crapfest like paranormal activity or any other cheesy “horror” movie these days, thats saying a lot about how great a show is when it manages to still scare people all the way into 2011-2012 from 1969.

  4. fuzzybuddy says:

    I’m 47 and what still gets me after all these years is that This STILL gets me. I mean, no other show in my LIFE has made me think back to recall images that were burned so deep into my memory that I can’t erase them.
    Rod Sterling was a Genius, no doubt.
    I’m gone now to find the episode where the lady found a mirror into prehistoric times and her husband ‘tried’ to trap her there lol

  5. madJedi1 says:

    I know its not scary anymore… but

    If your no longer scared of this.. then congratulations you have been thoroughly desensitised, as have i… ‘I antichrist’ anyone? u see my point

  6. PaulMichaels2010 says:

    Huzzah for Granny Walton.

  7. MrGamekid98 says:

    @Moeman774746 Have you ever watched beyond belief fact or fiction? it is like this but some stories are true in it.

  8. Moeman774746 says:

    @MrGamekid98 indeed, Rod Sterling hosted the Night Gallery, The Twilight Zone and also the original “The Outer Limits” He’s kinda like Robert Stack from the original Unsolved Mysteries…it would be VERY difficult to capture the same class today in presentation.

  9. MrGamekid98 says:

    is that the same guy from the twilight zone?

  10. TanyaX95X says:

    I love Night Gallery!! :)


    I love the ep. called ‘whisper” with sally fields!

  12. Ispeakyoulol says:

    It’s midnight right now and I’m only 1 minute into this video and I’m having second thoughts lol…

  13. alfredagain says:

    Many thanks. I love everything to do with Rod Serling. When I watched the pilot as a kid, not even knowing it was a horror series it scared me so much I wanted to retreat to my bedroom but that meant having to walk down the hallway on my own. I was trapped!

  14. SuperMastiff says:

    It’s not nostalgia that makes this good, I’m 18 and love this.

  15. ILuvGuyzWhoCanSing1 says:

    is it bad that whenever a painting comes up, i already know what episode it was and what happened in it? :)

  16. Ybrain100 says:

    Bons tempos dessas épocas dos anos 70 nos filmes de terror. Dava mais medo do que esses novos que são tão sem graças e exagerados e cheios de efeitos especiais que é tão perfeitos que acabam se tornando muito sem graça e sem vida.

  17. Ybrain100 says:

    tinha q ter legendas para a gente compreender melhor

  18. Thiscatsgotclaws says:

    Isn’t that the grandma from the Walton family playing the house keeper??

  19. GWSFilms says:

    They really don’t make ‘em like they used to. This isn’t even my generation of TV and I think it’s so much better than todays’.

  20. thorneel says:

    Totally agree! Thanks.

  21. mari66101 says:


    I think that one was called “Pickman’s Model” based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft….I used to watch this show as a kid back in the 70′s…its sad that television today doesnt have an ounce of the creative writing that this show and “The Twilight Zone” had.

  22. stomp919 says:

    Was Zachariah Ogilvy turned on by witchcraft Miss Paitnice?

  23. skylur44 says:

    @tapeduk There is only one critic whose opinion has any value and that is you, the consumer.

  24. herstome5656 says:

    @Lstonelove Oh thank you!

  25. Lstonelove says:

    @herstome5656 “Last Rites for a Dead Druid,” one of my favs:)

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