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Night Gallery – “Fright Night” – Part 1 of 3

By popular demand! A somewhat watchable print of the episode that scared the bejeebers out of me as a kid. I only found a copy recently and was impressed to see how much I remembered, and how accurately. And I think it’s still pretty good!

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25 Responses to “Night Gallery – “Fright Night” – Part 1 of 3”

  1. LeBigMoneyShow says:

    I used to force myself to not hide under the blankie when I watched this show back in the 70′s as a 8 year old.

    Still scared though.

  2. megobatman says:

    I have 14-dvd set of Night Gallery uncut,commercial free with menu selection,10+ in quality,exclent sound.Plus Sixth Sense 1972 tv series 11 dvd set 9+ in quality,email for info.

  3. 44Neely44 says:

    This is such a great show. I wish television shows still had this type of imagination.

  4. tapeduk says:

    I really like this episode==it’s one of my favorite Night Gallery—I don’t care what the critics say or think

  5. TheLaluna1 says:

    This show scared the crap out of me. Love it.

  6. MsLoveadore says:

    @mojangles1 lol ;-P

  7. allenshepard says:

    @timm55 yes

  8. timm55 says:

    Is that Grandma Walton?

  9. teehonky says:

    @ryoushii you must be ASIAN….taking a DUMP frightens you guys…

  10. mojangles1 says:

    ..maybe i’m hallucinating, but, Stuart Whitman is sporting a Justin Bieber hairdo..

  11. colliric says:


    I liked the 90s revival series of The Outer Limits somewhat as well, but the original funny enough sucks… I liked the Robert Patrick episode of the revival, it had a great twist ending.

    Boris Karloff’s Thriller is a pretty good show too, but much more dated than any of the other Anthology shows.

  12. darkprose says:

    @darkprose Also, discotheques. Can’t fine them anymore, either. Well, I guess the present isn’t all bad.

  13. darkprose says:

    The anthology: the most neglected form of TV around. Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Tales from the Crypt, Tales from the Darkside, The Twilight Zone and this fantastic show were all great examples of the genre. You just don’t see it anymore. It’s a shame, too, because so much thematic range is possible within it.

  14. ironmanhockey35 says:

    @mas44546 thanks

  15. mas44546 says:

    @ironmanhockey35 That episode with Leslie Nielsen is called “A Question of Fear”, which is about a man who spends a night in a supposedly haunted house. That episode also had Fritz Weaver in it.

  16. cheapcape says:

    @dpisceslady Like it was in the seventies!

  17. ironmanhockey35 says:

    whats the episode called with leslie neilson does any one know

  18. bigusdikus0 says:

    gramma walton!

  19. herstome5656 says:

    Oh thanks for uploading these. Does anyone remember the name of the episode where this statue in someone’s back yard the wife says it looks like it has eyes-sorry it was so long ago that’s all I remember (‘cept that it gave me nightmares-I’ll have a chuckle when I see it now)

  20. frankd1965 says:

    air date for this episode was 12/10/72. from the final season.

  21. Deathfromabove5 says:

    A Disca tech

  22. MrChristian326 says:

    Heyyyy! The painting depicted for this episode … looks like “Eddie” from IRON MAIDEN!

  23. devantevoncreation says:

    Thank you so much for these episode.

  24. masterkombat says:

    Can you upload the episode called EYES..?? Thanks…

  25. helpmefred says:

    I remember watching these when I was about 8…it scared the crap out of me,great stuff,thanks for posting

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