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Night Gallery – Class of ’99 Part 1 of 2

A futuristic university exam, presided over by professor Vincent Price.
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25 Responses to “Night Gallery – Class of ’99 Part 1 of 2”

  1. battlestarmarc says:

    1 of the best t.v. shows ever. Class of 99 was 1 of the best night gallery episodes.

  2. RetroFishman says:

    @gymnastix It took about three days in 1970 to make this, the exterior shots were taken at Ca Arts in Santa Clarita. I do believe it was the full episode. In those days they would run two or three shows back to back for an hour episode or lots of commercials for a 30 min segment.

  3. RetroFishman says:

    Im calling for a class reunion.

  4. RetroFishman says:

    @gymnastix This is the full episode, I worked on it in 1970.

  5. RetroFishman says:

    I was 17 when this was filmed. I am the android wearing the blue blazer sitting next to Mr Johnson. We didnt have human emotions and had to be taught them. Failure wasnt an option.

  6. pmfith says:

    This isn’t how people behave toward one another at all…unless you’re a leftist – to whom the entire human race is nothing but self-absorbed emotion-driven wrecks.

  7. DJMB1310 says:

    Does anyone know of an episode where a women buys a gift for her husband and it is a deadly snake. She gives the box to him and thinks he is dead but the snake escapes and hides. She goes in to take a bath and finds it.

  8. Supenmanu says:

    What are they majoring in? Practically applied socialism for beginners?

  9. brianfurry13 says:

    this is some deep shit!

  10. Albinswede1 says:

    pretty sick

  11. OSMRrevival says:

    great! 2 people are uneducated

  12. cuttock says:

    LMAO girl got spat on!

  13. starquant says:

    The “supposed” behaviors shown here, really brought it HOME ( so to speak). Given the opportunity, that’s generally how people behave towards each other ( Shudder). Now that’s a scary story.

  14. foxwilliammulderx says:

    @rvanegasp Rod Serling was an incredible satirist(Only mentioning because he wrote this episode.)

  15. capie44 says:

    No mention of “Emergency” star?

  16. gymnastix says:

    Was this episode severely cut? Because a half-hour program, less commercials, should still run 23-25 minutes in this era, which was the late 1960s/early ’70s.

  17. rexorrama says:

    Wow, so this is what it’s going to be like in the future!

  18. jabrown45100 says:

    typical western fun, but pathetic. Rod Serling cringed to the shows he showed-GET IT!!(making a point to viewers but in the fine print) instigator

  19. biffer43 says:

    The guy with the sweater around his neck is Greg Marmalard!!!

  20. AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Ah, I miss The Night Gallery. Used to watch with my mom, what fun!

  21. bcrkris says:

    I was watching a repeat of this episode back in the 70′s while reading a magazine. I heard a famliar voice, looked up & saw Randy Mantooth. My friend & I had crushes on him from Emergency. I called her up & told her to turn on the channel & we both gushed over the fact that this was the first show, other than Emergency, that we ever saw him on.

    Vincent Price rules! I really miss him. My Mom got his autograph for me in 1972 at a cookbook signing he did in Pittsburgh.

  22. bgarris1 says:

    Vincent Price was AWESOME!!!

  23. BadAcidVacation says:

    Amazing episode.

  24. rvanegasp says:

    an interesting excercise about racism, classism and xenophobia………..Discrimination in its purest way

  25. wonderglory says:

    What the hey?!

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