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Night Gallery, A Feast of Blood. Part 1

A young girl is given a gift she can’t shake of so easily.
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25 Responses to “Night Gallery, A Feast of Blood. Part 1”

  1. 123ihatethiscrap says:

    Betty Davis eye’s

  2. rexorrama says:

    A mousy broach for a mousy looking girl. Still can’t believe she hooked Clint Eastwood.

  3. gkoz791 says:

    sondra locke i believe, a beautiful lady..

  4. jabrown45100 says:

    wow some low-scum,(which hails to high wind for your rep) to bring family into this- even if he was inappropriate, don’t talk about his (slapedyamotherwhenyawasborn) y mother-the most cherish-after that your his world and fair game. I agree though the lady actor is nice looking. another tip from the peanut gallery-HA :)

  5. biffer43 says:

    The old woman looks like Aunt Esmirelda on “Bewitched”.

  6. TDS4UT says:

    @adamkincaid1234 This is Sandra Locke a famous model and actress. She was in several movies with Clint Eastwood. She was in this really creepy movie in the early 1970s. She played a hippie girl and she and this other girl freaked out on a married man and tortured him. It was actually a pretty cool movie a thriller.

  7. TDS4UT says:

    @adamkincaid1234 This is Sandra Locke a famous model and actress. Let’s see what you look like. The doctor probably slapped your mother when you were born, no doubt. LOL!

  8. thebaby2436 says:


    Ever since I was a kid, I’ve felt the same way.

  9. dianajanejubilee says:

    In my opinion, both of them look like two vampires on a bad date

  10. nelord7000 says:

    did they take real classic paintings and make stories about them they should have done famous ones

  11. Wolfendale69 says:

    she looks like Simon Pegg

  12. splattergirl72 says:

    UMMM…Enchanting is not the word I would have chosen to describe that brooch.

  13. twilightdimension says:

    thats the girl clit eastwoody was 69ing

  14. nerezzatube says:

    The guy at the start was the scariest of all!

  15. skylur44 says:

    @adamkincaid1234 She has beautiful delicate features but she is so blonde she disappears.

  16. brismike65 says:

    Awesome as but take out the fact it is a horror story for a moment, there are always people who try to get you to love them or set you up with who you don’t want to be with. Frankly, being eaten by a mouse is a better fate than living with him.

  17. SophiaIsWise says:

    @jimbo271uk That one is called “The Cemetary” and it’s posted on here by HorrorFilmCentral.

  18. MissMael says:

    @adamkincaid1234 She doesn’t have any colourful make-up on so she looks a bit bland here.

  19. adamkincaid1234 says:

    I think she’s weird looking, personally.

  20. YerJob says:

    ugh shes pretty and thats all shes got.

  21. TheLaluna1 says:

    This as the scariest Night Gallery for me. I remember running all he way home after watching it at a friends house. nd we had big yards!!!!

  22. Imamummy2 says:

    Hermione Baddely – she was in Gigi and that is Sondra Locke…ex-girlfriend of Clint Eastwood…?

  23. Evinruderascal says:

    Thanks jimbo271uk…that one with Roddy McDowall is here on you tube…it is a classic…i still get goosebumbs when that painting keeps changing…and i changes for the bulter as well! I just wonder what the title of the ohter one is…i just remember it scaring the hell out of me when i was a youngster watching Night Gallery without my parents finding out!!

  24. jimbo271uk says:

    @Evinruderascal that episode was part of a film that was made i thnk as a pilot to the series, one of the other stories starred Roddy Mcdowall abut a paintin of a graveyard

  25. Evinruderascal says:

    I also long for the whole era of 1965 to 1975 television. Night Gallery led to Night Stalker and they all were so well done. What was the Night Gallery episode where the Nazi butcher wanted to escape the demons of his past and he looked at the painting of rowing in a boat on a beautiful lake in Bavaria and he could get into the painting but in the end he went to a hellish burning on a cross in Auchwitz cause that was the painting next to the one he wanted to “get into?”

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