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Nick Barkley “The Big Valley” Heath Barkley

One of the best western shows of all time, “The Big Valley” was nominated three years in a row for “Best Edited Television Program” and won two out of the three years. To me, this show is flawless. The stars in this show are all handsome (especially the most gorgeous hunk of all, Peter Breck who plays Nick Barkley). The women, Linda Evans and Barbara Stanwyck are also such great beauties. One can’t help but get distracted while watching The Big Valley because of the the beautiful stars of the show.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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25 Responses to “Nick Barkley “The Big Valley” Heath Barkley”

  1. ChesterfeildVanderG says:

    I’m having a great deal of difficulty locating an audio clip of the ACTUAL quote “…Nick, Heath, Jarrod– There’s a fire in the barn!”

    In the movie “Airplane”, the character “Johnny” “Johnny” said it.

    Does anyone know where I can find it, on the internet?

  2. torstvillinger says:

    Sir(s): If I may, at this Date and Time, state here how Youngmen as Brothers must understand carefully the reason when a Younglady, and especially “their little Sister,’” wants to keep Her Honor clean by shooting something or someone. Killenny Farms must have once been a fine old place for it had some very fast Privatization in the West. Thank you. Have a Nice Day. Godspeed.

  3. snowgirl1052 says:

    Ooooooooooo, all these years and Nick still floats my boat! What a hunk, I used to love this show.

  4. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    I remember watching this show every Saturday afternoon. The Big Valley was just awesome! Of course, I wasn’t Nick’s biggest fan, but in my older age I’ve mellowed! lol Originally, the producers had Barbara Stanwyck was to wear 4 different outfits in each show and Linda Evans would have one different outfit, but Barbara said to allow Linda to wear two different outfits to her three outfits.

  5. republicansrule says:

    @Squirrel36 To bad he died a young age 50′s I think it was heart attack.

  6. fethard1 says:

    One of my all time favorite shows!! And young Linda Evans was drop dead gorgeous!

  7. sirfrancisalbert says:

    the only person who could take out was james west, though it would have been a hell of a fight before it was finished

  8. Juliaflo says:

    This show featured one of the finest ensemble casts.

    If you agree, raise your hand.

  9. lmx370 says:

    All the Barkley brothers were gorgeous, but Heath was the sexiest of them all. That man couldn’t be more scrumptious if he was dipped in chocolate.

  10. WerldRocker says:

    Yeah, it was a surprise punch. It’s in part 2 of the “Days of Wrath” episode uploaded here on YouTube. Very good episode too!

  11. WerldRocker says:

    Sorry, it was his wife, not fiance.

  12. Schlomo1962 says:

    Was it a sucker punch? All the Barkley brothers could fight. I could see Nick getting knocked out by Jarrod if he was suprised. Jarrod was no slouch either.

  13. WerldRocker says:

    There was one episode where Jarrod one-punched him and knocked him out cold. Jarrod was looking for the killer of his fiance.

  14. WerldRocker says:

    LOL, that guy reminds me of Curly from the 3 Stooges, LOL (05:43) BTW, BV *IS* the best western show of all times.

  15. inkenyo says:

    Lee Majors is amazing. I love Peter Breck too. Actually I love all of them. Richard Long rocks too.

    I love the way they handle the thing about Audra planning on shooting that guy. It was SO FUNNY! I could not stop laughing.

  16. zq9m3xh8 says:

    There was one episode where Nick took on a boxer in the ring. Can’t recall the title. But this guy had some health issues in his head, like a tumor or something. Anyway, Nick landed a punch, but it was really a lucky one because the guy wasn’t in full health, though he didn’t know it yet. And later in the episode you can see that this is one guy Nick would not be able to take. And the guy seemed to be twice the hothead Nick was. Great show!

  17. judiescof says:

    NICK IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!
    The episodes featuring him were few and far between…..they were always fantastic………miss his acting…….

  18. ShawnVanAngle says:

    one of my fav actors…..Nick was solid gold.

  19. Schlomo1962 says:

    I can remember a fight between William Shatner and Ricardo Montalban on the Space Seed episode of Star Trek. Up close you can see its the two actors, but when they pull away it is clearly two stunt men. The guy doubling for Shatner has darker hair and Montalbans double doesnt have the limp the actor had.
    Anyway, I loved watching Nick mix it up. What is the name of the episode with the hotel fight?


    after nick knew heath was blood he said i love u bro. nick and heath were the balls and jarrod was the brains.

  21. lovejoecartwright says:

    one of the best western series of all time, but can someone explain to me what happened between nick and heath, in the first few episodes of the show nick was very hostile towards heath and as the series grew heath became closer to nick tan jarrod,

  22. Schlomo1962 says:

    Great fight at the end of this episode between Nick and guest star Claude Akins. The closest anyone came to taking Nick. Another fan of the show said there was a rule that no one could beat Nick in a fight. Thanks for posting.

  23. grannydyess says:

    passionately fond of this show. especially nick barkeley. aka peter breck. he still thrills my heart today! thaNKS for posting

  24. MatrixMechanix says:

    If anyone can post an episode called “lightfoot” that guest starred Joe Don Baker I would really appreciate it!

  25. sabinoson says:

    As a California native, I love The Big Valley. Not only was it well written & well acted, but it was one of the few westerns set near where I live! California (and Oregon and Washington, for that matter) are about as far “west” as you can get here in the U.S., but despite the fact that most westerns are shot here (and Arizona), with the exception of The Big Valley, most of them aren’t set here!

    I hope somebody posts “The Price of Victory” here soon (my favorite “Big Valley” episode.)

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