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Nick Barkley “The Big Valley” Heath Barkley

One of the best western shows of all time, “The Big Valley” was nominated three years in a row for “Best Edited Television Program” and won two out of the three years. To me, this show is flawless. The stars in this show are all handsome (especially the most gorgeous hunk of all, Peter Breck who plays Nick Barkley). The women, Linda Evans and Barbara Stanwyck are also such great beauties. One can’t help but get distracted while watching The Big Valley because of the the beautiful stars of the show.
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25 Responses to “Nick Barkley “The Big Valley” Heath Barkley”

  1. jln55 says:

    Their youngest brother was Charles Barkley. One tall drink of water, they called him.

  2. ShawnVanAngle says:

    nick was…solid gold…lol

  3. pitbullwinkle says:

    All 3 of them dipped in chocolate would be even better! :) I like to take a drink of long cool Nick, myself.

  4. pitbullwinkle says:


    Nah, Nick threw it the fireplace, makes a nice aroma when the fire is lit, sorta like an old time air freshener. :)

  5. BlueSmokeBurnOut says:

    I’m named after Nick Barkley…….

  6. welcometoorefuge says:

    Don’t worry about the apple core,Nick…..Silas will pick it up!

  7. dancinkindofguy says:

    @armida767 Thanks for letting me know. What did they do to the con artists?

  8. armida767 says:

    @dancinkindofguy – Barbara Stanwick (the mom made Nick and the Brawler shake hands). They set off on a mission (very funny) to find the con-artists who sold their land illegally. They found them and at the end, Nick softened up and the family gave the family (squatters) another portion of their land, for a penny (I think that’s what I remember). And the family vowed to pay when they started making money off the land. It was a really good episode.

  9. armida767 says:

    @beloit22 – Hi Beloit! I’m sorry I haven’t been able to post new videos due to not having much time (working full-time), and recently I’ve been ill. I don’t think I remember which software I used. It was a 30 day trial. But as soon as I find the time (and the strength, I will try and post more episodes). These DVDs (first and second) seasons, was on sale at Frys Electronics the last time I was there for 12.00. I remember thinking I got ripped off cause I paid about 25.00 with Amazon.

  10. dancinkindofguy says:

    Oh those thieven Micks!
    So what ended up happening here, anybody know?

  11. rebelmom67 says:

    I am really enjoying watching these old episodes. I love all of the characters but my favorite by far is NIck!!! I love the way he rides a horse. You just can’t fake that. Thank you Peter Breck for bringing this character to life!!!

  12. beloit22 says:


  13. Juliaflo says:

    @HiTea4Me Do you remember Mr. Breck when he starred in ‘Black Saddle’?

  14. Dennyee says:

    I loved this show too. One of the best on TV with one exception. At times, I thought the characters were too overly physically effectionate with one another…just too touchy touchy for a family…kinda creepy to me…almost on the verge of looking incestuous, especially jarrod…he would kiss his mother and sister on the mouth or near the mouth way too much….ew.

  15. armida767 says:

    @tavo1973 Hi tavo, I just looked it up and it’s called ‘The Brawlers,’ season one, disc 3. Hope this helps!

  16. tavo1973 says:

    Loves Westerns. this was my favorite second was Bonaza

  17. tavo1973 says:

    @armida767 What’s the name of this episode?

  18. hanoc101 says:

    @republicansrule Long was 47 when he passed away. He was way too young.

  19. MrAluis95887 says:

    yes the best western that never will be another 1 like this one and bonaza

  20. ClearwaterMMA says:

    16 seconds ago I remember everyone liked Bonanza and i liked the Big Valley better. i was a little kid and thought Heath was the coolest guy in the world. did any of you know that he ( Lee Majors) beat out Burt Reynolds for this part? i heard that before

  21. Juliaflo says:

    @armida767 One of television’s most bankable actors, tragically gone too soon due to heart problems.

  22. ChesterfeildVanderG says:

    I’m having a great deal of difficulty locating an audio clip of the ACTUAL quote “…Nick, Heath, Jarrod– There’s a fire in the barn!”

    In the movie “Airplane”, the character “Johnny” “Johnny” said it.

    Does anyone know where I can find it, on the internet?

  23. torstvillinger says:

    Sir(s): If I may, at this Date and Time, state here how Youngmen as Brothers must understand carefully the reason when a Younglady, and especially “their little Sister,’” wants to keep Her Honor clean by shooting something or someone. Killenny Farms must have once been a fine old place for it had some very fast Privatization in the West. Thank you. Have a Nice Day. Godspeed.

  24. snowgirl1052 says:

    Ooooooooooo, all these years and Nick still floats my boat! What a hunk, I used to love this show.

  25. Beautifulmusiclistnr says:

    I remember watching this show every Saturday afternoon. The Big Valley was just awesome! Of course, I wasn’t Nick’s biggest fan, but in my older age I’ve mellowed! lol Originally, the producers had Barbara Stanwyck was to wear 4 different outfits in each show and Linda Evans would have one different outfit, but Barbara said to allow Linda to wear two different outfits to her three outfits.

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