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Sneak peek at Episode 6124. Airs Tuesday, August 2, 2011. Check nearby listings.
Video Rating: five / five

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25 Responses to “NEXT on THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL 6124”

  1. bellabella723 says:

    my comment doesn’T make sense, i will make it more simple for u. Brooke is a bitch and if somebody sleep with a man before her , she get mad, cuz she’s a selfish slut, who don’t want to share any man in the show.lololll have a nice day!!

  2. bellabella723 says:

    @riera141 with Steffy, what the hell are u talking about, but she paid her mistakes, with Phoebe’s death, what Brooke have learn for her horribles mistakes. Dont call me demented, just the fact that i am supporting Steffy and Taylor, i’m demented, and this is none of your buisness, this is the end of the conversation have a great day!!

  3. Onewolf77 says:

    Didnt Katie go after Nick when he was with Bridget?

  4. TheOldSchoolSims2 says:

    @lovlye1976 Steffy is the slut here! What has Katie done tht was slutish, i can see brooke and maybe Donna but Katie??? She’s made mistakes but not one day has she even layed eyes on another man. But look at Steffy, going after married men. I really don’t see why people are actually supporting this affair.

  5. TheOldSchoolSims2 says:

    Oh Steffy, Stfu. You sound like a person who hasn’t seen their father since they were a baby but look. You’re father is like right around the corner. lol. Such a moron.

  6. LesciK12 says:

    Oh please! Steffy is so selfish and spoiled. No one abandoned you. Sure your grandmother and brother betrayed you, but your father didn’t. Her parents have always been there for her! She’s really spoiled…smh. Walking out for a few days does not qualify as walking out of a MARRIAGE. Steffy truly is delusional. She needs professional help. asap. And not her mother.

  7. riera141 says:

    @bellabella723 – you are seriously demented. Didn’t Taylor do the same thing with Rick when he was with Phoebe and Steffy…….Steffy is just a HO!

  8. merkurius046 says:

    @Tickyrette But please, who said he have to stay with Katie forever because she had a heart-attack? She just ended up in hospital with a condition that could have killed her (you dont have to be a rocketscientist to know that heartattacks can be deadly). I dont think Bills first priority is to leave Katie until she recovered.
    He is a jerk, but not an ogar.
    And Katie have never said he must stay with her 4-ever! You must have made that up or something, because its not on my screen!

  9. Tickyrette says:

    @merkurius046 : yes, it was mean, but only because of that, bill has forever stay with Hatie? woould you really stay for ever by a people you did not love enough only because of the weak heart? Hatie should really ask herself, where is her proud….

  10. bellabella723 says:

    @riera141 I told u that before, Steffy, will go after Liam, Brooke will sleep with Liam first, cuz he’S Hope boyfriend, and she need to be FIRST ONE in every men’S life. why is so difficult for u to understand??? !!!thankx

  11. bellabella723 says:

    u know what when ur not agree with somebody, and u like Steffy, u don’T know what ur talking about!!!i hate all the Hoegan!!! and that’S it

  12. Vampira279 says:

    @Fangir120 exactly – Taylor and Steffy are both hypocrites!

  13. merkurius046 says:

    OMG, Katie had an HEART-ATTACK (which only Stephanie knows how to fake), she said 3 sentences in this episode – and ppl starts to blame her and tell her that she´s using the “heart-card”.
    OMG, how desperate isnt that??

  14. merkurius046 says:

    @FoxyJ26 Because she is a Logan, thats why! They argument that its because of this Bridget- thing. But its bs. Taylow slept with Rick, knowing her daughter loved him – she crushed Phoebes heart & was partly responsible to why Phoebe snapped & attacked Rick in the car – which lead to her death. Tayfans “forget” about that.
    Tay have slept with just as many Forresters as Brooke. Tayfans “forget” about that. She have slept with the Loganmen + a bunch others etc etc.
    Still Katie is the slut!

  15. merkurius046 says:

    @riera141 Cant help but agree, riera. And her´s are not the only ones. I cant really make sense out of Tickyrette´s either.
    But its no fun debating with ppl that are so filled up with hate for a character that they cant see anything except all the hate.
    It has come to childish arguments that make no sense whatsoever and narrow comments. Im out now.
    Will find more objective ppl to debate with, but I understand I cant find them here.
    Enough is enough!
    Take care

  16. merkurius046 says:

    @bellabella723 No, I dont think Steffy is gonna let Bill walk on her so easily. But she has shown for almost a year now how little of pride and self-respect she have – to throw herself on a married man over and over – to start with he didn´t even want her!
    Steffy is a spoiled brat, and her revenge when she is left in the cold (because Bill aint gonna be with her, sorry to disappoint you) is to chase another taken man. I call that childish, pathetic and immature!!

  17. merkurius046 says:

    @bellabella723 Yes, married men. 2 actually. Both Owen and Bill…..

  18. merkurius046 says:

    @Tickyrette Isn´t that what Stephag did when it came to her cancer? Even Eric called her out on it when she pulled the cancer-card to excuse what she had done to Brooke & Ridge!!
    Did anyone comment then? I THINK NOT!

  19. riera141 says:

    @bellabella723 – what are you talking about – you’re comment makes no sense.

  20. bellabella723 says:

    @mandypandy1407 shut up Katie!!!bitch

  21. bellabella723 says:

    @AndreaDelCielo maybe he will think with his head, but most of the time, it’S difficult to forget about the heart.

  22. bellabella723 says:

    @riera141 not before Britch slept with him, that’S not BROOKE!!!She wanna sleep with all man, before everybody.lollol

  23. bellabella723 says:

    @lovlye1976 je te comprend lolol français ou anglais et je suis daccord avec toi!!!

  24. bellabella723 says:

    @Tickyrette true again!!!

  25. bellabella723 says:

    @merkurius046 He realize that he loves, Katie. Whatever!!!!Katie denied everything and it’S just the begginning, do u think that Steffy gonna let Bill walk on her so easily. u wish

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