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Newlywed Game pt. 1

A Newlywed Game maternity show, possibly the most boring ever. If you know these contestants please have them contact me.
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25 Responses to “Newlywed Game pt. 1”

  1. friken0frank2 says:

    I love the old commericals, XD

  2. playmesomekindofblue says:

    this is anything but boring washedinblood

    it may be that these were my first 9min of Newlywed Game, but it feels more genuine when compared against many of the sensationalism and junk culture oriented shows on TV these days

  3. A1ofAkindChick says:

    These commercials are amazing. They’re so much better than the one’s played today.

  4. morikahjo says:

    it gets BABY RASH!??!?! O_o

  5. CJSmith8793 says:

    hahaha Those phones on that commercial is hilarious!

  6. msladytaz89 says:

    @FortheHorde1546 im only 22 i agree with you a 100 percent !

  7. msladytaz89 says:

    @washedinblood omg yey! you guys are so cute! :) i love this btw and im only 22

  8. msdemos says:

    “We´╗┐ are couple #2.Still married 33 years later.”


    CONGRATULATIONS Karen and Mike……..with all of the bad news in the world today, it’s nice to know there’s still SOME good stories out there!

    Thanks so much for posting this, and good luck on your next 33 !!! :-)

  9. hend6475 says:

    wow. we just got those christmas dishes last year!

  10. rashadvsrampage says:

    OMG times have changed everybody on that panel woulda said either days or hours lol

  11. antgun007 says:

    @washedinblood Just wanted to say thanks for the upload. I’m 25 now, but not to many years ago, I used to watch all the old game shows on GSN with my girlfriend, until they stoped airing everything. Newlyweds was one of our favs. we used to play along with the show and answer the questions and see if we matched up. we did pretty well. now, we are planning our wedding which will be a little over a year from now. thanks again for the memories. and may your family grow even bigger with grandkids

  12. mullinator09 says:

    Mark reminds me of matt damon

  13. pianogirl011 says:

    dang i wish food was still that cheap lol

  14. Athatchica says:

    Sorry… sorry, did they actually make a doll whose selling point was NAPPY RASH?!

  15. Midnightryder7 says:

    Our Phone company back in the 1970′s was Bell Atlantic..then the name changed to C&P Phone Company..

  16. MsEmy89 says:

    is this the prego edition?

  17. MsEmy89 says:

    is this the prego addition?

  18. beautifulsarah100 says:

    @washedinblood Okay – I see you already answered my question. Sorry.

  19. beautifulsarah100 says:

    @washedinblood That is so cool! What kind of baby did you guys have? Hopefully not one like that stupid FedEx doll with diaper rash.

  20. beautifulsarah100 says:

    The baby wets and GETS DIAPER RASH? What the hell? At first I was thinking it was a spoof. Do they make babies (dolls, I mean) that get diaper rash??? Next think you know they’ll have babies that have colic and whooping cough and choking on a marble.

  21. ameko1ikiru says:

    If only we could still pay only 3.69 for that much food D:

  22. omottan says:

    this is classic

  23. lysol92 says:

    Good choice leaving the commercials

  24. 269848 says:

    I wonder if Bob ever got tired of hosting this show. He probably couldn’t get enough of this.

  25. musicalmeg19 says:

    Oh my goodness the commercials are the best!!!!!!

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