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“Newhart” – Series Finale

The best ending to a series… ever! This is the final scenes from “Newhart”.

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25 Responses to ““Newhart” – Series Finale”

  1. SebaRecord says:

    Unbelievable. The girl in black is actually Lisa Kudrow, Phoebe from Friends.

  2. MrAboriginaloriginal says:

    Tears and jubilation on this final episode that was made. It was an awesome show loved it. Finale one of the best ever I don’t know if any can top that:) :( :)

  3. triviafreak1 says:

    I can only describe this in one word-CLASSIC!!!!!

  4. kirkoa says:

    utterly brilliant ending

  5. TheBlueyedblond says:

    best ending to a series ever!


    The original show was much funnier then this one. Also, This ending was kept under wraps and nobody knew it was going to end this way.

  7. gjm1953 says:

    Absolutely outstanding! And the late, great Suzanne Pleshette was, in my opinion, one of the sexiest women on television.

  8. JoeSmithStuff says:

    As far as I’m concerned, all other shows are fighting for the title of second best ending – this cannot be beaten.

  9. Seththebeaver says:

    This was, without any doubt, the cleverest thing ever done by any television show, ever!

  10. darthgeekboy says:

    oh my god!!!!! that’s PHOEBE!!!

  11. artie1959 says:

    It was an excelleny way to end a series .. tied into the old one .. a classic :)

  12. 1977SOUTHERNBOY says:

    7:39 what a pop for Suzanne!

  13. Ididnotwanttojoin says:

    @Scrumpilump2000 Yup, she was the town librarian. She looks different without all that makeup! HaHaHa

  14. Ididnotwanttojoin says:

    @kellyadmirer1 Unless they switched after this clip ended, they didn’t use the Bob Newhart Show theme. What we hear on this post is the Newhart theme.

  15. landrykkb says:

    @tiggerfanabc After just watching this finale part again after 10 years or more since I last saw it,another way to look at it is that Dick had taken a heart attack and was just having flashbacks of the Bob Newhart Show.

  16. landrykkb says:

    @SAPPJR o the 3 you mentioned,I only personally liked Good TImes.Friends,I could just never get into for some reason.Jennifer Aniston,on the other hand,is still smoking hot!

  17. landrykkb says:

    @MsMercury It was certainly one you’d have never seen coming if you were watching it at the time.

  18. Scrumpilump2000 says:

    @Ididnotwanttojoin Indeed! And did I notice that chick from Drew Carey?

  19. MsMercury says:

    This is probably the best season finale I’ve ever seen. I haven’t seen this in years. Thanks for posting it.

  20. kenjohnsonmusic says:

    This was one of my favorite shows and until today, I never saw the ending. Thanks for posting.

  21. BreastsInspector says:

    Seven people are useless new age kids.

  22. kellyadmirer1 says:

    I think this is probably the most brilliant episode of TV ever made. To have watched “The Bob Newhart Show” in the ’70s – the funniest show of its time, and tremendously missed after it went off – then have this show run all those years, then it turns out to be from the better show of the ’70s, is just awesome stuff. Having the end theme music from the earlier show, that was the crowning touch. Can’t believe they actually did it, pure genius.

  23. LiquidCrystalEyes says:

    I was just reading about this in Bob’s book “I shouldn’t even be doing this”. They kep this ending top secret and even had a decoy set arranged as well as another phony ending where Bob dies and goes to heaven to meet God played by George Burns. The episode was 35 minutes… 5 minutes too long and they couldn’t cut it tighter. So when it aired some afiliate stations apparently went to commercial and many viewers missed this last 5 minute clip we see here so they aired it again the next week.

  24. NFitalianGuy says:

    This was GREAT!

  25. westcrew4ever says:

    i will never forget that episode…i remember laughing and crying. it was the best show for its time and signalled the end of an era. great post!!

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