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Newhart – In the Beginning (Part 1 of 3)

Season 1, Episode 1 Airdate: 10/25/82 Author Dick Loudon and his wife Joanna acquire an Inn in Vermont, where they meet an eclectic bunch of buddies and neighbors.
Video Rating: five / five

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25 Responses to “Newhart – In the Beginning (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. zymaymyn says:

    @emoviebuff87 Yep, 8 years of it.

  2. tishtashtishtash says:

    Videotaped sitcoms do appear more like staged plays, ie, All in the Family, Barney Miller. Film tends to lend more elegance, ie, Cheers, Mary Tyler Moore. I believe film was chosen to evoke memories of the original Bob Newhart Show, along with the emphasis on wacky supporting characters.

  3. tishtashtishtash says:

    I must differ: I found the taped first season hilarious, and disliked the replacement of Jennifer Holmes with Julia Duffy. (The irritating Steven Kampmann being replaced by Peter Scolari was not as ofensive.) The filmed version just didn’t jibe with me as well, for whatever reason..

  4. scottbaino says:

    For some reason, the series seemed alot funnier when it was on film in later seasons vs. here on video. Maybe it’s the coziness of film that makes it more believable.

  5. eeka77 says:

    Luv this show I remeber watching it as a kid and still luv it .

  6. katmagoo1 says:

    Its funny, all he has to do is speak and he’s funny, I think Bob Newhart is the best.

  7. chopsy61 says:

    My uncle introduced me to this show just a week or two ago and I absolutley love it!

  8. vaarluukl says:

    i was 4 years old and loved this show….still do….i dont like alot of things but youtube gives us the things we have looked for for years …ty youtube and uploader this is 1 of the best shows ever…todays tv cant compare not even close…this and night court facts of life alf and countelss dozens of others gimme a break…man…memories aflood…ty again

  9. wtf66611 says:

    My goodness what a hottie Mary Frann was !

  10. TypesALot says:

    @videoguymt2009 – I noticed that, too. The first couple of episodes looked like they were shot on a “stage” and the remainder of the series looked videotaped or something.

  11. lypeckyj says:

    Wish I could have worked at the Straford Inn. This is my kind of place.
    This Bob Newhart Show is wonderful!

  12. SANNAFABICH says:

    Music by Henry Mancini… WOW!

  13. RoyFive says:

    @videoguymt2009 A lot of sitcoms in the ’70s and ’80s were taped rather than filmed. The trend started with All In The Family. Newhart kind of reversed the trend when they started filming the show in the second season.

  14. videoguymt2009 says:

    looks more like a stage play

  15. CoachProc says:

    Howard Sprague Real Estate Agent. This was such a good show. That’ll be a farthing.

  16. hiddeninthenight1 says:

    i remember watching the reruns in early 90s. Just bring back some great memories.Awesome show!

  17. brabbit26100 says:

    loved the show.

  18. imjunipernow says:

    And Jerry Van Dyke passed on being George!

  19. ag06ca says:

    Just barely watching the show and i think it’s one of the best comedies shows i’ve seen and absolutely better than most shows this decade for sure. Bob Newhart you are sure one great entertainer and one of the best that has worked in hollywood,

  20. pongqi says:

    Bob is one of the greats, what a wonderful guy

  21. stoogeswoman says:

    Yes indeed, the wonderful Jack Dodson. :-)

  22. matt484991 says:

    1:34 Is that Howard from Andy Griffith?

  23. zapkvr says:

    I forgot to mention, I read somewhere that Tom Poston was originally going to be Maxwell Smart. I’m glad it didn’t happen Don Adams was perfect in that role. I don’t want to take anything away from Tom though, he was brilliant, so laid back, so laconic. Just a perfect foil for Bob (Dick)

  24. imjunipernow says:

    MORE! I want more!!!

  25. saintsajid says:

    Good old days :)

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