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New American Gladiators Episode 1 Eliminator – A massive miracle comeback on the very first episode of the new American Gladiators! Truly inspirational P – sweet sweet deals on almost everything!

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25 Responses to “New American Gladiators Episode 1 Eliminator”

  1. ScottishNonBeliever says:

    Go back to bed america, your government is in control again. When’s american gladiators on honey

  2. TheIGPD says:

    @Vandal49 I want to see a video of you on the course

  3. Vandal49 says:

    Is this scripted? Why do those girls keep falling down? They’re… not doing anything very difficult.

  4. Seytaable says:

    @geminitaly Gosh, you’re still on that ? Stop judging without knowing please. [Speaking about wrestling]
    The competition is fake, but the fights are almost real, don’t think they aren’t injured or don’t get some punches. Right now, wrestling is falling down because of the stupid leader of the WWE and John Cena’s ideas.

  5. ICHIBAAAN says:

    Copy of SASUKE…

  6. tirangord2 says:

    I want to do this…

  7. hollie031583 says:

    one guy has dislocated his sholder in this challenge

  8. oososweet2012 says:


  9. geminitaly says:

    this game is like wresling…ALL FAKE

  10. first1at1everything says:

    that would be funnier if on the pyramid they had titan sitting there taking them down

  11. ludasik06 says:

    @JDubs878 yea, and her dumbass just hangs on like a complete idiot

  12. Pathstalker says:

    Could be, but it also could be acting.

  13. useless241 says:

    wipe out rip off?

  14. CommentaryX says:

    am i the only one who thinks its a bit dangerous to have the participants drop down behind the finishing wall? I mean, if you’re exhausted, you could strentch something really bad because the muscles can’t compensate a fall, e.g. on the neck for example. Might injure a wrist, an ankle or something…. or is it just me being over-concerned?

  15. davidyow says:

    “you blew by her like she was standing still”

    uh, hulk, she WAS standing still. or rather, she was lying still.

  16. TazBazMagic says:

    dont fucking mess with asians u black woman

  17. SuperVago77 says:

    Lol, failure nigger is sad XD

  18. legoman0077 says:

    @JDubs878 rasist

  19. SantaFlan says:

    It’s funny how the black chick was good at the climbing parts in the beginning but then she sucked at the swimming LOL

  20. SantaFlan says:

    @Bbfishman It’s possible that they spent too much time on resistance training. Endurance is overlooked. I think a marathon runner would beat this course in no time.

  21. awan916 says:

    …that was painful to watch lol

  22. dman51590 says:

    rigged, I think koya had money on venus winning, the underdog would be the small Asian, especially vs Juwanna Mann

  23. Bbfishman says:

    women pshttttt… fucking drive or desire. after one minute and 30 seconds of intense movement and they’ve got faces on like they’re about to die. you have such a lead and you allow yourself to be beaten. The other girl wasnt more fit or stronger than you, she was smarter and had a stronger will power. MAN THE FUCK UP

  24. MrMeineNamen says:

    hows this gonna help in the kitchen?

  25. model1726 says:

    @Aonien That is the truth, my friend. A warrior follows the Spirit, and the rewards are tenfold.

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