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Ne-Yo on All My Kids (five-21-08)

Ne-Yo on All My Children (Could 21st) Performing “Quit This Globe”
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25 Responses to “Ne-Yo on All My Kids (five-21-08)”

  1. HnHBlkM says:

    ok, am i the only whoever watches these soap weddings and look at the guest and think ” why are you here???” i mean, some of these guests dont even know angie and jesse, yet they are sitting front row center like they are family. what gives??

  2. slimsnoop26 says:

    this song is amazing… i love this… oh wow… :D

  3. SoapFansUnited says:

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  4. aprijl says:

    @anew20099 What neyo did you. You probaly don`t even know him. HATE IS SUCH A STRONG WORD.

  5. aprijl says:

    @anew20099 What neyo did you. You probaly don`t even know him.

  6. bellasong75 says:

    Tads part of that speech was so fitting. Always representing his love for Dixie:)

  7. marcvinix says:

    topppp demaisssss eu curti !

  8. nlynaolu says:

    Awww…when I marry my next x-husband, I am so having our ceremony in a circle. All because of you, neyo!!!!

  9. MrThiiid says:

    greattttttttt ne yoooooo

  10. l8torg8tor says:

    love me some Jesse and Angie….

  11. anew20099 says:

    i hate neyo

  12. gloria4779 says:


  13. laminage says:

    @PhReShx10 Yeah, but over the years Pine Valley has had some of the biggest names in R & B visiting the Town. Peabo Bryson, Aaron Neville, and Stevie Wonder.

  14. laminage says:

    @HOVATHEGOD29 I agree. He’s an amazing Singer/Songwriter. Yet what I love the most about Soap Weddings especially this one was that The Extras make it so much more beautiful and sacred. Another favorite Soap Wedding was with Matt & Vanessa on Guiding Light in the 1990′s.

  15. Fran01018 says:

    That was awesome just such a gorgegous wedding!

  16. SEVFEST says:

    Debbie Morgan is one of the most beautiful ladies that ever set foot on our TV screens.

  17. lynmcki93 says:

    this is soo beautiful,i was almost teary eyed

  18. TouYaj90 says:

    That white girl next to Ne-Yo just wet her undies…

  19. PhReShx10 says:

    I could see him singing on a Soap Opera…

  20. freeal87 says:

    @HOVATHEGOD29 helllll yea we just talking about that! I hear that hot shit!

  21. OfficialKevinWriter says:

    check out my Acoustic cover of ne yo’s

    “one in a million”

    its good!!

  22. kristianna03 says:

    me nd my bf song for our wedding

  23. IrishCherryVixen says:

    SON OF A BITCH THEY RIPPED OFF MY IDEA TO HAVE THIS SONG AT MY WEDDING….LOL….i still want to play this song at my wedding

  24. HnHBlkM says:

    did anyone else notice how frankie looked at cassandra?? how they r brother and sister but….they r not related LOL.

  25. yeahokay1500 says:

    Damn Jesse marry me! Super fly and super fine!

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