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NBC Pink Lady and Jeff promo 1980

A 1980 promo spot for the NBC series “Pink Lady and Jeff”. Oddly enough it was not the ratings-bonanza the network had hoped for.
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12 Responses to “NBC Pink Lady and Jeff promo 1980”

  1. MyohoMama1 says:

    ITS KEI!

  2. mjs3888 says:

    This show looks like a dream I once had after taking too much NyQuil.

  3. TEMPmichaelhansen says:

    there is a book “BAD TV” that talks about this and it is on dvd. Good show but doesnt make any sense. you need to read the book about it…

  4. gerryono says:

    Thanks for the info, I don’t know much about Pink Lady
    Have you heard of the Candies, by chance?

  5. AceofFours says:

    @gerryono Pink Lady did a song called “Pink Typhoon (In The Navy)” which borrowed heavily from In The Navy. I bet that’s the reason for the background music.

  6. PattyP123 says:

    I thought I was the only one who watched this show. I only watched it because Jeff Altman resembled my math teacher who I had a crush on at the time. lol

  7. gerryono says:

    In the Navy=background music?

  8. fromthesidelines says:

    The only problem (besides the “slapdash” way the show was put together and the bad ratings) was that Mie and Kei could not speak or understand a word of English. They had to learn their “patter” and “funny lines” phonetically. NBC executive Fred Silverman, who “discovered” Pink Lady, and insisted they could become another “Sonny & Cher” or “Donny & Marie” [his previous successes on other networks], fervently hoped that viewers wouldn’t notice the flaws. After six weeks, they did.

  9. antibishonen says:

    Happy 30th anniversary, Pink Lady Show!

  10. mojay11 says:

    Man I remember watching Pink Lady & Jeff ever week when it came on NBC. Those ladies were freakin’ hot. I was disappointed when it was cancelled.

  11. JoshuaParris83 says:

    Long Live Pink Lady!!!

  12. BlackwoodCompany says:

    Those ladies are cute.

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