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NBC Late Night – 10/86 – 5/7

-Tonight Show, Johnny Carson, Ray Combs
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25 Responses to “NBC Late Night – 10/86 – 5/7”

  1. TubeSteak007 says:

    @mattster8503 Amen. This was a unique style for someone just starting out. He created a shining moment in his life that will endure forever. Comedy, let alone show business, is a tough game.

  2. mattster8503 says:

    I wish someone wouldve gone back in time and prevent ray combs from killing himself. i reckon he wouldve been the greatest comedian of all time

  3. travellinman321 says:


    Johnny probably really liked the guy and appreciated and respected his role on the show and wanted to help break him. I’ve been in the audience for taped shows before and that’s a tough, usually unappreciated job. They’re sort of like the stuntmen of comedy. Ray Combs was also very good at the type of humor he did, cornpone though it was. It was one comedian (and Johnny was always a comedian first) respecting another one who wouldn’t usually get that kind of recognition.

  4. cgodfrey19 says:

    Johnny totally oversold that. I was expecting some epic set, not 6 minutes of cornball.

    Clearly the game show host role suited him better- shame his life became unraveled so quickly.

  5. IslesFan556 says:

    I think that Ray got the only standing ovation on the Johnny Carson show.

  6. jeffsomer says:

    Ray Combs was the MAN. RIP

  7. MrAaronLadner says:

    That’s Ray Combs from Family Feud.

  8. bkbbowling says:

    I am actually from Ray’s hometown, Hamilton, Ohio. I drive past the funeral home during his (viewing). The place was packed. I have also visited his grave in greenwood cemetery. Sad story. Seemed like a happy person. You just never know what’s going on inside people’s heads. I feel for his family….not his wife though.


  9. OnTheRunSinceBirth says:

    Ray Combs Ruled.

  10. tonyny77 says:

    @MacPr0xnxx0 … Yes, he did. If the details in Wikipedia’s entry for Ray Combs are true/correct, it’s awfully sad that his professional and personal failures could make him spiral down into such a deep state of depression with suicidal tendencies. Life is always tough, but it’s definitely tougher for some than for others. I’m happy for the laughs and smiles Ray gave us, but very sorry for the hardships and emotional challenges he endured. May Ray always rest in peace.

  11. 99ONTGUY says:

    He suffered from deep depression.He took his life.

  12. MacPr0xnxx0 says:

    he killed himself?

  13. amit790 says:

    It was this comedy bit that got him the hosting gig on “Family Feud”

  14. TheSlopB0X says:

    his jokes make me want to kill myself

  15. megamanj2004X says:

    another exception is Tom Bergeron. During and after Hollywood Squares, Tom was busy on ABC w/ America’s Funniest Home Videos and by 2005, he did double-duty w/ AFV and Dancing with the Stars on ABC. And during the 2008-09 season he also guest-hosted the syndie WWtBaM.

  16. HYHYBT says:

    It also depends on your point of view: if you go into it thinking there’s something *wrong* with being a game show host, other than as a temporary step to something else, you’re bound to be disappointed. (then again, I can’t think of any job in the world that would be more sheer *fun*, especially Family Feud or maybe Pyramid… even if I’d get the thing cancelled the first week.)

  17. Biorythym says:

    spooky, Johnny, Ray and Ed…all gone

  18. geniusinmath says:

    why did you rang the gong.

  19. YouAreHorrid says:

    Really? Cause I rang the gong (pressed pause) at 3:23.

  20. geniusinmath says:

    At least I was close. I only missed by 1 year.

  21. johnnyafairbanks says:

    1996, actually. He went into a series of problems (near-fatal car accident, closure of his comedy club in Cincinnati, wife walking out on him, his brief return to TV with “Family Challenge” being a major flop) after being fired from “Family Feud” that led to his suicide.

  22. DukeBasil says:

    BOB BARKER….was Mr. Game Show….Many years…and several shows.

  23. bluebear1985 says:

    I guess Dick Clark would be an exception, although he was doing other things besides hosting “Pyramid”. That’s why his career has endured as long as it has. He also hosted “American Bandstand” for many years.

  24. johnissoevil says:

    Not entirely true. Dick Clark was a fixture on Pyramid for so many years, and even after that was over, his career continued. In fact, he still hosts New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

  25. geniusinmath says:

    Ray Combs was one of the greatest comedians of all-time. Ray died in 1997 because of suicide.

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