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Name That Tune – Golden Medley

An fascinating Golden Medley round from 1984. Did Hap merely come across a way to acquire himself a couple of extra seconds for each guess?
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25 Responses to “Name That Tune – Golden Medley”

  1. HoneycombAgent says:

    OMG HAX!!

  2. Zynyster says:

    i like that he keeps checking his watch

  3. stilsonkidd says:

    This dude was a smart player. I imagine the time on the clock is only meant to count down the actual music playing and doesn’t limit the time one needs to think about the tune.

  4. AdamNedeff says:

    @yolichka1 Huh?

  5. yolichka1 says:

    this show is lucky standards and practices didn’t bust it. For that matter, any show Lange hosted.

  6. yolichka1 says:

    this show is lucky standards and practices didn’t bust it.

  7. blozier2006 says:

    did he cheat? Not technically. did he bend the rules? he bent them like a 5-year old would bend Gumby.

  8. cstring420 says:

    @gshowguy How is legal it to stop a 30 second clock for nearly 10 seconds so he can give himself some extra time to think about and then he gives the answer. CHEATING!!

  9. gshowguy says:

    @cstring420 Cheated? I don’t think so.

  10. darkpowrjd says:

    @cstring420 Nope, just smart. He was like Michael Larson of Press Your Luck fame (and ANY game show fan remembers what HE did). Didn’t cheat, but was paying attention. The whole thing was because when he hit the stopper, the music stopped. Thus, he didn’t get to hear anymore of the song. If he stopped the clock and then more of the song played, THEN you would have a case. In this, as long as the answers he gave when he gave them were correct before the next tune was played, no harm or foul.

  11. livendapast says:

    LOL!!! He is playing them and got away with it HAAA!

  12. aerokorn says:

    i wish they bring this back and used songs of the 90′s 80′s and 2000′s

  13. Bu8956 says:

    @cstring420 No he did not, there was nothing in the rules that states he coulden’t answer it before the next tune played!!!!!!!

  14. KasimirMaser99 says:

    Scuzzy? Yes. Against the rules? No.

  15. jeromelepulu1 says:

    him brain big

  16. megamanj2004X says:

    Dick Clark also wore Botany 500 during the final year of the $20K Pyramid and on the $50K Pyramid, too.

  17. cstring420 says:

    This guy cheated. It’s amazing that he got away with it.

  18. MLCVln129 says:

    That was VERY smart of him. . .to say “pass” but figure it out while the host went on and on!!! Surprised that there wasn’t a rule in play for this!

  19. queenmva says:

    Wow!!This dude outwitted the host. It’s amazing no one caught on.

  20. DJCandyManMike says:

    By far one of the best game shows of all time! I watched this show so much as a child in the 80s. And that was simply hilarious how Hap would buzz in and pass, then proclaim, “Hold up, I got it!”

  21. tnawcwvictoria says:

    Botany 500, the same wardrobe worned by the likes of Jim Lange, Bob Eubanks, Monty Hall, Jack Narz, Jim Perry, Jim Caldwell, Dan Miller, Bob Barker, Tom Kennedy, Sherman Hemsley, Telly Savales and of course Wink Martindale, Richard Dawson and Jack Klugman.

    Boy, Hap Trout was something and I loved when he got serious in the finals, but I think the reason this version didn’t last long was b/c like Tom said, it was stripped to 5 days a week and they played the same songs over & over & over again

  22. SoulThing1981 says:

    God I remember Jim Lange hosting this show ..god I Miss The Golden Medley on Name That Tune.

  23. cowrocker22 says:


  24. Jnelson09Returns says:

    As much as it pains me to admit it, you’re right. Why are we so mean?

  25. secondchance1977 says:

    I wish GSN could play this. But they probably cant because of all the stupid copyrights on all the tunes they play :(

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